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Background Documents and Resources


  1. Uniform Law Commission White Paper on Priority Lien:  Priority lien is part of the Uniform Act and the language was vetted through stakeholders; including bankers, federal mortgage finance agencies, developers, and community association lawyers.  The Uniform Law Commission released a white paper supporting priority lien that is very valuable as a third party support of priority lien laws. 

  2. Uniform Act Priority Lien Language.

  3. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) December 2014 and 2015 Statements Regarding Priority Lien and HOA Foreclosures. (This document has been used by Bankers as a scare tactic approach to state legislators that the Federal Government is asking state government to repeal their priority lien law or else Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will not secure mortgages in the state and that will cause a disaster).

  4. FHFA General Counsel, Alfred Pollard, Testimony before Nevada State Legislature in an Effort to Repeal Priority Lien Law (This agency of the federal government is protecting the bankers at the expense of American homeowners.)

  5. American Bar Association Article on Priority Lien and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ​(Freyermuth/Whitman). (This article demonstrates positive support for priority lien laws from a third-party.)

  6. Statement of Principles on HOA Priority Lien by Banking Trades. (This is a document the bankers are spreading to state legislators to persuade them to repeal priority lien laws.)

  7. CAI Amicus Curiae Brief Efforts


  1. CAI Guide to Federal and State Initiative to Protect Priority Lien Laws

  2. Talking Points on the History and Benefits of Priority Lien Laws

  3. Talking Points Specifically Related to the Federal Finance Agency's attack on Priority Lien Laws

  4. Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Letter to FHFA. (This letter led by Senator Warren, a well-respected Senator, was the result of CAI Massachusetts volunteers' efforts.  (This is a great letter to share with your Federal legislators to ask them to send a similar letter.)

  5. Community Bankers Article Supporting Priority Lien Laws  (Brookline Bank). (This is an excellent article to share with any legislator – state or federal – in helping them understand what many banks; including community banks

  6. Mortgage News Article on Priority Lien (Moriarty). (This is another great article to share with any legislator – state or federal – in helping them understand the importance of priority lien laws.)

  7. Sample letter from CAI volunteers to Member of Congress

  8. Your state's Fact & Figures

  9. CAI Government & Public Affairs Staff & Committee

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