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PCAM Case Study


CAI Holds Virtual Case Study Offerings

  1. The Case Study will be offered on July 14-15, 2022 (Virtual), September 29-30, 2022 (DC Metro Area), and December 1-2, 2022 (Virtual).

  2. Each virtual offering will feature a video property tour, live interviews with the host community manager, board, and vendors, and instructors online in a Zoom meeting.

  3. Major components of the case study experience will remain the same. For example, participants will still have 30 days to complete their submissions.

  4. To be eligible to register for the Case Study, you must have an approved PCAM application on file. More information on the PCAM designation, and application, can be found at

  5. Please email questions to Sean Pearson at

The final step toward earning the PCAM designation.
The PCAM Case Study is a comprehensive examination of an actual community association, combining discussion with an extensive host association tour. You’ll explore the community in depth, reviewing its administrative procedures, legal documents and communications; meeting with its manager, board members and key personnel; and learning about the local area. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions and openly discuss issues faced by the association.

To successfully complete the case study, you must submit a final exam paper using the skills acquired in the prerequisite courses (all 200-level PMDP courses) as well as information collected during the offering.


2 days | Times vary by location.


CAI member: $495* | Nonmember: $595*
*Tuition will increase by $50 for those who register within four weeks of the program.


The current Case Study locations are located in the course schedule linked off the Education for Managers page. The ONLY WAY to register for the Case Study is through the method listed below.


To register for the PCAM Case Study, you must successfully complete the prerequisite courses (all 200-level PMDP courses) and receive written confirmation that your PCAM application has been approved within the previous year (other requirements apply). Please email for further information. Learn more about the PCAM designation.