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Conservation, Sustainability, and Green Issues


CAI supports environmental and energy efficiency policies that recognize and respect the governance and contractual obligations of community association residents as the best mechanism to enact sustainable environmental policies.

CAI supports efforts by state legislatures to empower community associations to build consensus-based solutions regarding environmental initiatives, and opposes government and interest group efforts to override community policy or deed restrictions on single interest issues.


Community associations are the outgrowth of smart land use planning. Community associations, which include condominiums, planned communities and cooperatives, represent a comprehensive approach to housing that encompasses individual lots or units as well as common areas such as parks, conservation/natural habitats and parks and recreational facilities. These amenities usually are supported and maintained by the residents of the community, enabling state and local authorities to focus their resources on other uses.

Conservation issues also benefit from the governance process within community associations. Deed restrictions, bylaws and rules provide a basis for implementation, enforcement and maintenance of policies and projects to address community concerns. This process provides a democratic forum for individuals in the community to collectively develop a range of solutions to meet the needs and values of the community. Fostering such diversity of approaches provides neighborhood-level laboratories to develop a range of sustainable solutions. Such local decision-making should be respected and incentivized.

Policy​​​​ history

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, March 3, 2010