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Marketing and Advertising

More than 330,000 community, condo, co-op, gated community, planned unit development and mixed-use associations spend close to $40 billion a year.


We provide targeted opportunities to reach thousands of decision-makers in the community association market - an expanding marketplace that spends close to $40 billion a year on products and services.

As the first and only international organization created specifically to meet the needs of all community association stakeholders, CAI's membership includes more than 40,000 board member and homeowner leaders, community managers, management company executives, community association attorneys, reserve providers, insurers and other product and service providers. Many of our members either directly purchase or influence purchases in this marketplace. And our membership is growing.

CAI offers a variety of ways you can reach these buyers and decision-makers whether community associations are your only market or a niche market. CAI helps you expand your market reach to help you meet your marketing objectives. Contact for details on creating your marketing package.

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