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​CAI webinars offer specialized, professional training without leaving your home or office.  Conducted via internet and audio teleconference, the programs are hosted by industry experts to keep you up to date on the latest legislative activity, management trends, industry best practices and subjects of special interest to community managers and homeowners.  More than 250 on-demand webinars ​are now available, and new live webinars are added every month. Continuing education credit for management credentials is available.​ ​​​

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Upcoming Webinars​

Are you an effective communicator? What about when it comes to dealing with difficult people? Effective communication is paramount and necessary to our day-to-day activities both in the workplace and in our communities. The ability to recognize and successfully work with different behavior types and communication styles comes into play throughout our lives and daily challenges. In this webinar you’ll learn about relevant and practical concepts, solid methodologies, and best practices to diffuse disputes, negotiate, and competently develop and enhance interpersonal relationships with others.

Several community associations now report monthly assessments to credit bureaus. This standard financial management tool is typical for creditors, landlords, and mortgage companies, but it’s brand new to the community association industry. Managers and homeowners: learn about regulations and the effect on residents' credit ratings, and how this practice could promote a major positive shift in how community associations are managed.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about the newly implemented HUD Rules adopted in October 2016 that create liability for community associations that do not properly handle fair housing claims. These types of claims come in the form of “hostile housing claims” and “quid pro quo claims” and often involve neighbor-to-neighbor disputes. Find out what you need to know about the new rules, which could potentially change the way all community associations handle neighbor-to-neighbor disputes in the future. 

More community associations are making the switch to online voting, so what does that mean for you and your association residents? And what’s the best way to implement an online voting process in your community? This webinar covers not just the benefits and features of online voting, but provides steps to implementing a successful online election, tips for using online voting effectively, and addressing concerns with online voting.


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