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Government Actions Impacting Community Associations (United States, Canada, and South Africa)

for local government actions:

for State Government Actions click here:

  • Emergency Declarations - Links to Executive Orders outlining each state's steps and resources to combat COVID-19.
  • State COVID-19 Resources - Links to state's Health Department or resource center.
  • Stay at Home Order/Essential Workers – Links to stay at home orders. CAI believes these orders include the essential tasks of a community association manager. Managers and companies should confirm their status with a local attorney in their state. If deemed essential, use this template resource to create a letter authorizing community managers to continue working.
  • Foreclosure Actions – Links to state and local orders temporarily suspended foreclosures. 
  • Eviction Actions - Links to state and local orders temporarily suspended evictions. 


  • Federal Foreclosure and Eviction Actions
  • Summary of Federal Legislation -
  • U.S. Chamber Resources

Click to view pending COVID-19 state legislation or Federal and State COVID-19 Foreclosure Actions.


click canada's National and Provincial government actions for:

 CLICK South Africa's Government Actions for: