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Chapter COVID19 Programs

Connect to your CAI chapter for the best resources and experience to support your community association, management company, or business. Click here to find your local chapter.



Long Island

The Long Island Chapter has many webinars to purchase on their website. The topics include:

The Mechanics of a Zoom Annual Meeting and Pitfalls to Avoid - May 14, 2020

Virtual Board Meetings & Annual Elections - April 30, 2020

Dealing with the unfolding circumstances and challenges for Board Members during the COVID-19 Pandemic - April 16, 2020


For information on their upcoming webinars, visit the Chapter’s events page.



Orange County

The Orange County Chapter has many webinars to purchase on their website. Their Couch Connect Series includes:

Whose Job is it Anyway?

Assessments & Lessons from the Great Recession

When Orange County Comes Back

Follow up with Public Health and Economic Health


Central Florida

Insurance Claims Hints & Tips for Your Client, the Insured – Recorded 5/28/20

Length - 1 hour 15 minutes


For more webinars, visit the Central FL Chapter’s blog.


Utah Chapter

Insurance & Risk Management During the Brave New World of the COVID Pandemic – Recorded 9/25/20

Program Length – 1 hour

What is shaking with Earthquake Insurance in the market? What are the burning trends and common mistakes with Fire Insurance? What is blowing around the industry about coverage for wind events? Should we or should we not open the Pools (and other common amenities), That is the Question. What can the board do to prepare for the next communicable or infectious disease pandemic like COVID-19?

COVID-19 and Legal Ramifications – Recorded 5/8/20

Program Length – 1.5 hours

Our attorney experts answer questions about potential legal ramifications from COVID-19 that can affect Utah communities.


FHA Topics – Recorded 6/19/20

Program Length – 1 hour

Our speakers provide timely information and answer questions about: HUD Financing, Rules under the FHA, Group Homes


Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Chapter

Coronavirus Q&A: Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Community Associations - Recorded 5/6/2020

Join this panel discussion and Q&A program to discuss the potentially significant financial implications of the current pandemic on community associations, including:

Increased delinquencies and bankruptcies as a result of exploding unemployment

Debt collection issues and potential legislation

Provisions of the CARES Act that may apply to community associations



Todd Luft, CPA

Dawn Kearney, Firstrust Bank

Matt Collins, Esq., Stark & Stark


Managers receive 1 hour of continuing education credit for this webinar.



Heartland Chapter


Dealing with the Ongoing Uncertainty of COVID-19 – Recorded 6/09/2020

Program Length - 1 hour

Community Association Pools & High Touch Areas Recorded 5/13/2020

Program Length – 1 hour 13 minutes


How Can Communities Cope Through the COVID Crisis – Recorded 4/29/20
Program Length - 1 hour
Legal: Keeping your community association running and in compliance with the law! How to operate without meetings, assessment collection, complying with CED guidelines in common areas. Insurance: Are you covered for COVID? Are there uninsured decisions being made?  Legal: Financial assistance for owners and employers/employees.  Presenters: Todd Billy, EBP, CCAL, The Community Association Lawyers, powered by Sandberg Phoenix, P.C. and Karen O'Connor Corrigan, EBP, CIRMS, O'Connor Insurance Agency.

For more information about the Heartland Chapter visit their website.


California North Chapter

The California North Chapter has been doing weekly 30 minutes programs. You can find them on their YouTube Channel. The topics are COVID-19 Resources, Healthy at Home, Social Media & Communications, Essential Services and Board Meetings, Contracts & Assessments.


Washington Metropolitan Chapter

Managing Through COVID-19 - Recorded 4/9/20
Program Length – 77 minutes
What’s the difference between essential and non-essential services? The answer to this question has become critical to community managers and board members during these days of uncertainty as the public health crisis created by the highly contagious Coronavirus continues. With stay at home orders in place, communities are struggling with how to provide services to residents in a safe and efficient manner. Open or close common area facilities? Have meetings or postpone? How and when to communicate information? Keep onsite staff? Mail and packages? Common area maintenance and cleaning? Accommodating guests? Rules enforcement? Assessment collection? Quarantine for those who may become ill? These are just a few of the issues where discussion and guidance is much needed, so please join us for a virtual town hall with a panel of top industry experts and leaders.

For more webinars, visit the Washington Metro Chapter’s virtual events page.


Greater Houston Chapter

COVID-19 and Your Community – Recorded 3/31/20
Program Length – 49 minutes

Visit the Greater Houston Chapter’s coronavirus resource page for more information on webinars.


Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Chapter

Coronavirus Q&A: A Legal Perspective for Community Associations – Recorded 4/2/20
Program Length – 1.5 hours
The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has raised all sorts of issues for community associations, including legal ones. This situation has strained the authority in governing documents and statutory requirements on how community associations are supposed to operate. This webinar provides guidance on various issues including the legal impacts of the virus on associations, disclosure requirements, and how associations can continue to collect assessments and hold meetings.

Check out more on demand programs for the Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Chapter.


Illinois Chapter

IL Community Associations and COVID-19 FAQ Podcast – Recorded 3/24/20
Program Length – 41 minutes
Laura Marinelli from Saul, Ewing, Arnstein & Lehr discusses the frequently asked questions association attorneys are hearing from Boards and Managers. With the new norms of social distancing and the Governor's "stay at home" order, we discuss how associations can best abide by these orders and keep their community as healthy as possible.

Live Legal Update COVID-19 related issues for IL Community Associations – Recorded 4/6/20
Program Length – 1 hour 47 minutes
COVID-19 Related Issues for Illinois Community Associations
The "Stay-at-Home" order in Illinois has been extended to April 30th, and there are constantly new developments in the issues surrounding COVID-19. This Live Legal Update is intended to help board members, owners, residents, managers, and businesses understand the issues surrounding COVID-19 mitigation and relief efforts as they impact condominium, townhome, and homeowners' associations in Illinois. This event will feature a live panel of three attorneys specializing in Community Association law. The panel will be answering some frequently asked questions and will also be taking questions from the live chat.

For more information about the Illinois Chapter visit their website.