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Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM)

​​The pinnacle of community association management. The PCAM designation is the highest professional recognition available nationwide to managers who specialize in community association management. Earn your PCAM and join the elite—the select—the best.

Recommended for experienced managers who want to demonstrate advanced skills and knowledge and who wish to be recognized as one of the best and most experienced managers in the nation.

Definition of a community manager: A community association manager will have the knowledge, ethics, professionalism and skills with verifiable experience in financial, administrative, and facilities management in at least one community association, either commercial or residential. The community association manager must be compensated for providing professional guidance and assistance to the board of directors of any association(s) managed by that community association manager, whether the individual is acting as an full time independent contractor, or as an employee of a management firm, or as a general manager or executive director of a common interest development. Management of property other than community associations will not meet the qualifications for community association manager.

What are the prerequisites for the PCAM designation?

  • Five years of direct community association management experience.
  • Successful completion of all six M-200 level courses (with the last PMDP course completed within the past five years).
  • Successfully passed the CMCA examination administered by CAMICB.

How do you pursue the PCAM designation?

  • Complete the prerequisites.
  • Earn a minimum total of 125 points on the PCAM application, including:
    • A minimum of 55 points in Section II.
    • A maximum of 20 points is allowed for Professional Designations or Licenses.
    • A maximum of 30 points is allowed for Formal Education.
  • Complete the PCAM application. You may attached additional copies of each page if needed.
  • Submit the nonrefundable application fee with the PCAM application.
    • Member: $225 (Individual Manager Membership)
    • Nonmember: $460
  • All applicants have one year from the date of application approval to complete the Case Study. Failure to complete a Case Study will require you to re-apply with payment. Your PCAM application must have been approved prior to you being able to register to sit for the Case Study.

How do you maintain the PCAM designation?

  • Pay annual maintenance fees (due August 1st of each year).
    • Member: $180 (Individual Manager Membership)
    • Nonmember: $405
  • Redesignate every three years in August and meet continuing education requirements.
  • Comply with the CAI Professional Manager Code of Ethics.​

Please view the Redesignation FAQs for more information.


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