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Finding the Right Professional

Are you putting your most valuable assets in the hands of the most qualified professionals? Search CAI's Directory of Credentialed Professionals to find professionals who have earned a CAI designation!

Why you should hire credentialed professionals:

A community association operates as a government, a community, and a business, making it a truly specialized type of organization. Leading America's 250,000 community associations are more than a million volunteers—homeowners who dedicate their free time to serve on boards and committees.

As a board member, trustee or volunteer leader working with your association or cooperative, you have fiduciary responsibilities which compel you to make decisions that can have profound financial and social impact on you and your neighbors. Receiving professional and accurate advice or guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules can make the difference between prosperity and distress.

Many experts who work in these fields must earn degrees and pass tests to be certified. So why would a board hire professionals who may not be qualified to look after their homes and their community?

What to look for:

To help ensure that you have the expert guidance you need to manage your community's assets most effectively, look for professionals with the designations and certifications listed on the left. More information is on the linked pages.

Community Associations Institute's (CAI) designations help ensure that managers have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to provide the best possible service to your association. If your manager holds a CAI designation, he or she has made a substantial commitment and investment in their education and career, and your community's welfare. 

How to find a designated professional:

  • Visit the Directory of Credentialed Professionals or CAMICB's site to search for credentialed managers in your area.
  • Call CAI at (888) 224-4321 (M–F, 9–6:00 ET) and ask our customer care specialists to assist you in a search.
  • During the hiring process, ask candidates if they hold a professional credential.
    • Look for the credential letters (CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, RS, CIRMS) behind the names of professionals who work for you or whom you might hire.
    • Look for an AAMC when selecting a management company.

Additional Resources

Review the Your Community Deserves the Best Professionals brochure.

CAI's Bookstore contains several titles that can assist you in your search for qualified professionals.

Visit the online bookstore for these and other titles on community associations.


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