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Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS)

​Community board members are looking for qualified professionals to help them protect their most valuable investments. Obtaining the Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist™ (CIRMS™) designation can help instill your client's confidence in you and assist you in growing your business.

The CIRMS designation recognizes a demonstrated high level of competency within the risk management profession.

How do you earn the CIRMS designation?

  • Have five years experience in the community association insurance field.
  • Be of satisfactory legal and ethical standing in the industry.
  • Comply with strict rules of conduct outlined by the CIRMS Code of Ethics.
  • Complete the CIRMS Application, ensuring that you have enough points in each section. (The points for each section must have been obtained within the past seven years.)
  • Pay the application fee.
    • Member: $225 (Business Partner Membership)
    • Nonmember: $495

How do you maintain the CIRMS designation?

  • Pay annual maintenance fees (due August 1st of each year).
    • Member: $140 (Business Partner Membership)
    • Nonmember: $255
  • Redesignation requires the attainment of 35 points every three (3) years on August 1st.  Please see the redesignation form below for details on how points are earned for various continuing education activities.

Please view the Redesignation FAQs for more information.


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For more information or for an application call CAI at (888) 224-4321.


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