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Promote Your Credential

Congratulations on earning your CAI credential!

Spreading the word about your achievement and extending the visibility of your professional credential can help advance your career, expand your client base and grow your business.

The greater the awareness of your credential, the greater the value to your career. Follow these tips to make sure your credential is recognized.

Display your certificate

Frame and hang your certificate in a high-traffic area of your office. Download a Credential Frame Order Form to place your order.

Post social media updates about your credential

Tell your friends, family, followers and fans about your new credential on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Wear your credential's lapel pin

Display your credential wherever you go. Order your credential's lapel pin via the mail or online.

Order AMS, PCAM and AAMC brochures

You earned your professional credentials. Promote your CAI designations to current and potential clients. Each 8 1/2 by 11-inch, color brochure includes testimonials and a summary of the requirements to earn the credential.

  • Professional Distinction promotes managers who have earned the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation.
  • Best in Class promotes the value of the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, the most prestigious and respected credential in the community management professions.
  • Above the Rest promotes the corporate achievement of firms that hold the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) accreditation.

Use the order form to get your free printed copies today.

Include your credential in all communications

Your credential creates a positive image and increases awareness of your professionalism. When discussing what you do for a living, be sure to mention that you are a credentialed professional. Include your credential on your resume and professional biography, and include a brief description about its value.

Use the acronym of your credential after your name wherever possible, including:

  • Business cards
  • E-mail signatures
  • Letters and reports
  • Memos and faxes
  • Directories and listings
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter postings

Send messages to current and prospective clients

Use the sample messages to customize letters or e-mails to communities in your area about your credential. Current and prospective clients will also appreciate periodic messages from you with industry information that
can help them succeed.

Send press releases

Use the sample press releases to customize a press release to media contacts in your area. Send the release to your local CAI chapter.


Speak at events

Take advantage of community events, professional meetings and CAI chapter events to speak about your credential and why communities benefit from hiring credentialed professionals. Use the Your Community Deserves the Best Professionals brochure as a guide.

Work with your company/association

Ask your organization to help promote your credential by posting the following message on its website with a list of the company’s other credentialed professionals.

Congratulations to our newest credentialed professionals! CAI credentials help ensure that our staff members have the knowledge, experience and integrity to provide the best possible service to your association. Earning a CAI credential demonstrates an elevated commitment to their professional education—and your community’s welfare.

[list organization’s credentialed professionals]

Educate homeowners

Leave Your Community Deserves the Best Professionals brochures in your company's lobby or community common area to inform homeowners about CAI credentials.


CAI credential and accreditation programs are trademarks of CAI. Misuse of CAI trademarks, credentials or other copyrighted materials without proper authorization is a violation of CAI policy and federal law.