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Host Communities

​​The Focus

Experience the Evolution of Community and Life on “The Ranch".

Learn how master plan development with the Rancho Mission Viejo Communities has evolved from the 1970's to today. Influencers such as legislation, economic trends, societal trends, environmental requirements, technology, management/operations, programs and services are all key factors in the evolutionary process.  Experience “Life on The Ranch" through a series of tours, programs and activities.

We wish to capture this unique opportunity to showcase the evolution of master planned community development by visiting four of southern California's preeminent communities, all of which are within a few miles of one another.

The workshop will provide an overview of the operational differences and best practices highlighting the unique features provided in each community.

In addition to a deep dive into the unique amenities and large-scale components, we will also keenly focus on the lifestyle components and how the commitment to resident connection through the ages has made each of these communities a special place for the residents to call home!​

The communities are as follows:​

​Mission Viejo – Lake Mission Viejo Association

Lake Mission Viejo Association serves nearly 25,000 homes and features a landmark 124-acre freshwater lake. As the premier feature of the community, the lake provides residents with endless opp​ortunities for boating, fishing, swimming, summer con​certs, outdoor mov​ies, and seasonal events throughout the year.


Key Details:

  • Established in 1976​
  • Total Membership 24,840 homes and 85,000 total estimated residents​
  • Annual Budget $9,100,000
  • Total Staff 27 full time and 85 part time.
    • ​Part time increases to 160 in summer / peak season​
  • Management Type – Self Managed
  • Unique features to highlight:​
    1. Lake Programming - Lake Mission Viejo is a 124-surface acre lake, with boating and swimming on two beaches   Lake Mission Viejo partnered with the Santa Margarita Water District on a $5 million-dollar project to become the first swimming lake in California to use recycled water for lakefill.  The treatment method involves taking already treated wastewater and treating it through an advanced purification process that includes ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light. This advanced purification makes it safe to supply the lake for swimming and other recreational activities.   

​Rancho Santa Margarita - SAMLARC

Founded in 1986, Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corporation (also known as SAMLARC) represents 13,645 units, 13 p​arks, 4 pools, th​​e Beach Club Lagoon, and the Lago Santa Margarita. As a community that prides itself on its reputation, SAM​LARC aims to preserve the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all homes for a g​reat resident experience.​


Key Details:

  • Established in 1986
  • Total Membership of 13,645 units with an estimated population​ of 40,000 residents.​​
  • Annual Budget - $9,300,000
  • Total Staff - 22
  • Management Type – Management Company
  • Unique features to highlight:
    • Lake Management
    • Beach Club
    • Communication Management
    • Governance – Unincorporated to Incorporated – Cityhood
    • Joint use of facilities with school districts and City of Rancho Santa Margarita
    • Encompasses approximately 85% of the City of Rancho Santa Margarita
    • Joint programming with City and Chamber of Commerce

​Ladera Ranch

From pet-friendly parks, to close-knit clubs and youth programs, Ladera Ranch is a community that proves we are better together. Founded in 1999, Ladera Ranch offers the charm and safety of a small town, where neighbors wave and smile, meet in cul-de-sacs for evening conversations, and take part in memorable community events.​



Key Details:

  • Established in 1999
  • Total Membership 8,000 Units with an estimated membership of 25,000 residents.
  • Annual Budget $22,000,000
  • Total Staff - 50
  • Management Type – Management Company
  • Unique features to highlight:
    • Sports Park Management
    • Public School District Shared Use Agreement
    • Skate Park​
    • Water Park
    • Large Scale Event Planning and Management – 13,000+ Attending the Fourth of July​​

​Rancho Mission Viejo

Established on the last working ranch in Orange County, residents of Rancho Mission Viejo enjoy 21,000 acres of nature in their own backyards​. Nestled between the Cleveland National Forest and San Juan Capistran​o, loc​als have access to a variety of great amenities, including a nature reserve, pools, fitness centers, community farms, and parks.


Key Details:

  • Established in 2013
  • Total Current Membership 4,000 Units with an estimated population of 12,000 residents, building out to approximately 14,000 Units.
  • Current Annual Budget $14,890,000 with an anticipated build out budget of $55,000,000
  • Total Current Staff of 16​
  • Management Type – Management Company
  • Unique features to highlight:
    • Farms and Farm Programs – Space revitalization opportunities
    • Food and Beverage Operations
    • Partnerships – The Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo
    • Rodeo 101
    • AQ Challenges – Aging in place; intergenerational community; programming shifts with age; Marketing for home sales as the community matures
    • Non-Contiguous Community – villages are islands – connectivity