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  • Kick-Starting the Economy(3/2/2021)

    by: Mitchell H. Frumkin, RS

    WE ALL KNOW that the community association world is a special place. One of the things we have that makes us unique is the ability to help kick-start the economy.

    Take a look at your reserve study and use it as a guide for capital projects that you can start planning. The money for these projects has been accumulating for years. Now is the time to spend it—not only to maintain your property values but also to put contractors to work at a time when they can use it.

    If your community has the money to spend and anticipates remaining in good financial shape through the pandemic, you can get great quality at great prices while increasing property values. Now is the time to plan, not to hold back.

    Let's help get the world back to normal as only our industry can.

    Mitchell H. Frumkin is president of Kipcon in North Brunswick, N.J.

    »Your Turn: Are community associations in a good position to help kick-start the economy?


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