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​Common Ground 2022 Editorial Calendar

​​(As of 3/2​/22​​. Subject to change.)​


  • Cover: Drought impacts, community landscaping
  • Feature: Society Hill Towers profile (Philadelphia high-rise)
  • Feature: Condominium Safety Public Policy Report
  • CAI 2021 Annual Report
  • On the Board: Solar panel guidelines


  • Cover: Lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic (two years later)
  • Feature: Cybersecurity protection
  • Feature: A conversation with CEO Tom Skiba (20 years at the helm)
  • Feature: Highfield House (Baltimore high-rise), infrastructure repairs
  • On the Board: Management company basics​


  • Cover: Reserves, planning, infrastructure (condo safety one year after Surfside, Fla., tragedy)
    • Maintenance manuals
    • Building fire suppression systems
  • Feature: Hostility among neighbors and how to bring them back together
  • Feature: Community association mentors
  • Feature: Community association manager salaries
  • On the Board: Online meetings

July/August - The Pets issue

  • Cover: Pet conflicts and solutions
  • Feature: Exotic pets and livestock
  • Feature: Assistance animals vs. emotional support animals
  • Feature: Pet amenities, services, and events
  • Nuts and Bolts: Pet waste


  • Cover: Recognizing and eliminating bias in communities
  • Feature: Legacy rules
  • Feature: Accessory dwelling units, zoning
  • Feature: Natural disasters
  • Feature: Community events and engagement
  • On the Board: Social media


  • Cover: Good customer service in community associations
  • Feature: Rental restrictions
  • Feature: High-rise how-to
  • Feature: Community profile​
  • On the Board: Collecting assessments


Daniel Brannigan
(703) 970-9233
Lauren Piontek
(703) 970-9253


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