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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CAI's award-winning Common GroundTM magazine aims to provide volunteer community association board members, professional community managers, and homeowners with the information they need to improve their associations, leading to happier, safer, and more prosperous communities.​​​​

Common Ground's feature articles take a deep dive into a particular subject, such as short-term rentals, community engagement, collecting assessments, disaster recovery, and developing rules. Our feature articles also profile specific communities, chronicling the challenges they've overcome and the successes they've achieved.

Meanwhile, the magazine's Homefront section helps readers stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and ideas in common-interest communities. We scour newspaper, TV, and blog reports for the most interesting, thought-provoking, and pressing issues in the community associations world and tailor articles based on those reports for our audience.

While Common Ground is a benefit of CAI membership, we occasionally make select feature articles available to the public. In addition, Homefront is always available through samples of our digital edition. Read and enjoy the feature articles and Homefront sections below.

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November/December 2018

cgcoverstorynov (1).PNG​FREE AND CLEAR

Secondhand smoke concerns have ignited efforts to completely ban smoking in condominiums. In large part, the attempts are succeeding—even when doing so requires amending the documents.

(Available as a digital edition​)


​The short-term rental business is booming. Can an influx of transient weekend tenants be good for communities? How can associations protect their own well-being?

(Available as a digital edition​) ​



September/October 2018


​Read about wildfire encounters in community associations; why one Illinois condominium swapped land with a city; an on-then-off-again smoking ban in a Minnesota condominium; a pool ID incident in North Carolina; the surging popularity of dockless scooters and their impact on communities; and more. 

(Available as digital edition)


July/August 2018


Read about the Hawaiian community devastated by the Kilauea volcano; how one Florida family is fighting to keep their Little Free Library open; what a recent Washington, D.C., case means for condominiums dealing with owners'​ delinquent fees; the impact legalizing marijuana has had on condominiums in the greater Boston area; California's move to make all new homes have solar power; and more. 

(Available as digital edition)


May/June 2018


A maritime forest, marshes, and miles of beach make Seabrook Island, S.C., a wildlife haven. The community’s residents have acted to preserve the area’s delicate habitat and promote sustainability.

​(Available as PDF download)


Read about the $20 ​million jury verdict a Las Vegas community was hit with in February for failing to maintain its playground; how ​a Denver condominium fought Verizon's plan to install a 30-foot pole directly outside its en​trance; the impact an Arizona Court of Appeals decision is having on associations' ability to levy fines; Hurricane Irma aftermath in Florida; and more.

(Available as digital edition)

March/April 2018

RiseAndFire_CGMA18 opener.jpgRISE AND FIRE​

Installing spr​inkler systems in older high-rise buildings may sound like a no-brainer—particularly given recent high-rise fires in West London and Honolulu—but winning support from owners can be tricky.

(Available as PDF download)​​





Read about the top-selling, master-planned communities in the U.S.​; a cat mistaken for a bobcat in a Florida condominium​; the continuing troubles for Millennium Tower in San Francisco; a construction defects lawsuit win for associations in Massachusetts​; the first Crystal Lagoon opening in the U.S.; and more. ​​​

(Available as digital edition)​



January/February 2018​


Slowly but surely, rising sea levels will force coastal communities to act. If your association isn’t monitoring its shoreline now, it’s time to start​

​(Available as PDF download)​





A collaborative effort between the Town of Hilton Head Island and its many community associations—put to the test during Hurricane Matthew in 2016—should serve as a master class in disaster preparedness everywhere.​​

​(Available as PDF download)​





January/February 2018 Sneak Peek Cover


Read about a massive condominium redevelopment in Virignia; a fight over beach dunes in New Jersey; the circumstances that may have led to the attack on Sen. Rand Paul; a drinking water system grant in Hawaii; the costs of banning children from playing outside in a California community; and more. 



November/December 2017

CGND17HarveyIrmaPhotoEssay.jpg DOUBLE TROUBLE

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast on Aug. 25. Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida starting on Sept. 10. These photos and anecdotes only begin to tell the story of the damage and the early recovery efforts.

(Available as PDF download)







Read about trash and recycling woes in Los Angeles; open elections in New Jersey; a condemned condominium in Maryland; building community in Colorado; an annexation appeal in North Carolina; and more.

(Available as digital edition)

September/October 2017

House of Pain - CG Sept Oct 2017 - published.jpg House of Pain

Community associations could be in a unique position to do something about the opioid crisis. As the epidemic surges, can you offer a prescription? 

By Steve Bates

(Available as PDF download)






CGSO17SneakCover.jpg Homefront

Read about the Florida high-rise sprinkler system mandate; priority liens at the U.S. Supreme Court; a deadly condominium fire in Honolulu; an environmental preservation grant awarded to a community in Florida; freedom of speech in California; and


(Available as digital e


July/August 2017 

HomeIsWhereTheAmenitiesAre - CG July Aug 2017.jpg HOME IS WHERE THE AMENITIES ARE

A new wave of master-planned developments is redefining large-scale communities with innovative plans and extraordinary features. They’re adding another word to the “location, location, location” real estate mantra: amenities.

By Joe Cantlupe

(Available as PDF download)







Read about Colorado construction defects reform; a filing to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding priority liens; a Tennessee community's struggle to make up lost revenue after wildfires in the Smoky Mountains; a fatal gas line explosion in a Colorado community; how a few Florida communities used a parking app to discover unauthorized renters; and more.

(Available as digital edition)

 May/June 2017

Every Dog Has Its HOA - CG May June 2017.jpg EVERY DOG HAS ITS* HOA

​*and cat, fish, bird, rabbit, hamster, snake, etc.

Dog parks, pooch pool parties, and other pet perks may have seemed a little off the chain for community associations 20 years ago. Today, they are fairly typical examples of how communities are fostering increasingly pet-friendly environments.

By Mike Ramsey

(Available as PDF download)






Read about a grand jury report that says the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation doesn’t work to protect the tens of thousands of residents who live in condominiums; a Pokémon Go tragedy in Virginia; a New Jersey community's crowdfunding campaign to save its lake; a Florida condominium's plea to state prosecutors to bring criminal charges against the association’s former board members; a plane crashing into a Massachusetts condominium; and more.

(Available as digital edition)



March/April 2017



Willowsford, still under development in Northern Virginia, is wooing residents with a working farm and thousands of acres of open space. The “agrihood” may become the new blueprint for large-scale communities.

By Joe Cantlupe

(Available as PDF download)



Read about how real estate investors are forcing out condominium owners across the country; a Massachusetts community that was developed on a former landfill; a delinquent assessments collections clash in Florida; a potential change in how New Jersey communities are governed; and more.

(Available as digital edition)




 January/February 2017




Columbia, Md., was developed 50 years ago to be a new town that would represent the best of America. That ideal still holds true for one of the country’s first master-planned communities—even as it continues to grow.

By Mike Ramsey

(Available as PDF download)





Read about FHA's proposed new rules; a power shutdown at a Prince George's County, Md., condominium; a drought-busting association in California; how the Trump administration may impact associations; and more. 

(Available as digital edition)







 November/December 2016



The Towers Condominiums was in such disrepair 10 years ago, the City of Fort Myers, Fla., was about to condemn the community. It’s made quite the comeback.

By Jennifer Miller

(Available as PDF download)




CG Nov Dec 2016 sneak peek.jpg


Read about an embezzlement investigation in North Carolina; rebuilding dams in South Carolina; a sinking San Francisco high rise; a short-term rental solution; and more.

(Available as digital edition)







September/October 2016


Read about condo voting abuses in Florida; housing protection for individuals with criminal records; a plant giveaway in Arizona; a priority liens decision in Nevada; and more.

(Available as digital edition)






 July/August 2016
CG July Aug 2016 Sneak Peek.pdf


Read about condo voting abuses in Florida; housing protection for individuals with criminal records; a plant giveaway in Arizona; a priority liens decision in Nevada; and more.

(Available as digital edition)






May/June 2016
CG May June 2016 Sneak Peek.pdf


Read about two Texas communities dealing with sinkholes; a legislative effort in Illinois that would've made it easier for owners to sue associations; recycled water runaround in California; a fight over a trail in Missouri; a Texas associations purchasing a golf course; and more.

(Available as digital edition)



March/April 2016
CG March April 2016 Sneak Peek.pdf


Read about a massive gas leak's impact on a California community; the failures of a robotic parking garage; whether a Colorado community went too far accommodating a Fair Housing request; a flooding problem in North Carolina; and more.

(Available as digital edition)






January/February 2016
CG Jan Feb 2016 Sneak Peek.pdf


Read about construction defect reform in Colorado; solar panels in California; Superstorm Sandy aftereffects; a safety issue in Illinois; a successful volunteer project; and more.

(Available as digital edition)








November/December 2015

When religion is involved, debates over seemingly clear-cut issues can turn into enormous controversies for associations. Board members and managers need tact and sensitivity to handle faith-based matters. 

By Mike Ramsey

(Available as PDF download)




July/August 2011

Plagrounds inspire smiles, laughter and learning, but they require planning, inspection and thoughtful policies too.

By Michele Molnar

(Available as PDF download)  




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