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CAI Press Discount Policy

CAI Press offers discounts to certain groups in recognition of their status as members, authors, chapter staff, wholesalers and others. Unless otherwise noted, discounts may not be combined. Discounts may not be applied to titles with item numbers that begin with an alpha character.

CAI Member Discount

CAI members receive 40% off the nonmember price of all publications it sells. A membership number is required to activate this discount.

CAI Chapter Discount

CAI chapters receive 20% off the member price, except for item numbers beginning with alpha characters, and chapter staff must conduct the transactions. Chapters may resell inventory at the member or nonmember price.

Author Discount

CAI does not pay royalties to authors or editors; however, in recognition of their contributions to the Institute, CAI provides an additional 50 percent off the member price of the books upon which their names appear as author or editor. Please call CAI at (888) 224-4321 for more information. This discount is not offered online.

Guides for Association Practitioners (GAP): Multiple Copy Purchase Discount

Buyers who purchase three or more GAPs (same or mixed titles) receive an additional 20% discount. This discount will be reflected in the shopping cart at checkout for all online purchases.

Bulk Discounts

Buyers who purchase 100 or more of the same title receive an additional 30 percent discount; subject to available inventory. Discount is applied to member or nonmember price depending on buyer's status.

Buyers who purchase 1,000 or more of the same title receive an additional 50 percent discount. Discount is applied to member or nonmember price depending on buyer's status.

Shipping rates for bulk purchases comprise the actual shipping cost plus a $10 handling fee.

​Bulk discounts are reflected at checkout for purchases made online.

NOTE: Bulk discounts apply to brochures, however, brochures are not returnable. Buyers are strongly encouraged to obtain a free copy of any brochure for review before purchasing in bulk. Free copies are available by sending a self-addressed envelope to CAI Press/Free Brochure, 6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 500, Falls Church, VA 22042. Please note the brochure name or item number on your SASE.



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