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CAI Press Author Policy

​CAI Press, as a division of Community Associations Institute, a nonprofit organization, adheres to the standards and customary practices of the nonprofit publishing industry. Specifically, our policy for working with all authors is as follows:


CAI Press will consider proposals and manuscripts submitted by any individual or organization so long as they pertain to, illuminate, inform, or support the community associations industry.


Authors whose proposals or manuscripts are accepted for publication must sign a contract defining the nature and scope of the project and establishing the business relationship between author and publisher. No publishing project will commence until all parties have signed the contract. Copies of the contract are available for viewing upon request.


All authors will be required to transfer their copyright ownership to Community Associations Institute.


CAI Press does not pay royalties; however, authors may request annual statements indicating five (5) percent of gross earnings from their works as a contribution to Community Associations Institute.

CAI Press does not pay fees or stipends; however, some direct expenses may be reimbursable.


CAI Press will work with authors to establish mutually acceptable production schedules. All parties are expected to abide by established deadlines. Failure of the author to meet deadlines may invalidate the contract.​​