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9/27/2022  -  Falls Church, VA

Community Associations Institute is proud to earn a Power of Associations Silver Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for its successful condominium safety initiatives.

Following the tragic partial collapse of Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, Fla., in June 2021, CAI released its Condominium Safety Public Policy Report. This report shows the outcome of special task forces convened shortly after the condominium collapse to recommend changes to laws and best practices for the community association housing model that may help both communities and legislators better address building safety.

As the leading international organization for education, governance, and management of condominiums, housing cooperatives, and homeowners associations, CAI brought together the expertise, experience, and perspective of a wide range of stakeholders—condominium and co-op board members, homeowners, community managers, attorneys, bankers, developers, insurance professionals, engineers, reserve study providers, and more. Over a three-month period, more than 600 people participated in CAI's process of identifying clear recommendations through conversations, surveys, research, and interviews.

The Condominium Safety Public Policy Report provides extensive policy positions and recommendations in the following areas: reserve studies and funding; building maintenance and structural integrity; and federal solutions and priority recommendations.

Since the report's release, CAI's government and public affairs team has conducted outreach to state legislators and their staffers, as well as key individuals in federal housing agencies, to ensure that they are aware of its findings and public policy recommendations when considering legislation. Advocacy efforts at the federal level have resulted in the introduction of H.R. 7532, the Securing Access to Finance Exterior Repairs (SAFER) in Condos Act, by former Rep. Charlie Crist (D) and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) of Florida. Crist and Wasserman Schultz also introduced H.R. 8304, the Rapid Financing for Critical Condo Repairs Act of 2022.

“Congratulations to CAI for exemplifying the impact associations have on the industries and professions they represent, and on society at large," says ASAE President and CEO Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE. “It's always so incredibly satisfying to see associations going above and beyond their everyday mission to change the world. We're very proud to spotlight this award-winning initiative."

“After the Surfside tragedy, we knew that CAI had a responsibility to lead the conversation to address condominium safety," says Thomas M. Skiba, CAE, CAI's chief executive officer. “We are incredibly grateful for the contributions of hundreds of our U.S. and international members—representing critical housing-related industries who came together and offered their knowledge and expertise. We are proud of the efforts led by CAI's government and public affairs department and the commitment of our staff and members to honor the lives lost in this terrible tragedy. We will continue to work toward strengthening condominium safety."

Download the full Condominium Safety Public Policy Report.


About Community Associations Institute 
Since 1973, Community Associations Institute (CAI) has been the leading provider of resources and information for homeowners, volunteer board leaders, professional managers, and business professionals in the more than 355,000 homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives in the United States and millions of communities worldwide. With more than 43,000 members, CAI works in partnership with 36 legislative action committees and 64 affiliated chapters within the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates as well as with housing leaders in several other countries, including Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. A global nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization, CAI is the foremost authority in community association management, governance, education, and advocacy. Our mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership, and responsible citizenship—ideals reflected in community associations that are preferred places to call home. Visit us at, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @CAISocial.

About The Power of Associations Awards

ASAE's Power of Associations Awards recognize the associations' economic and societal contributions locally, nationally, and globally. The Power of Associations Awards reward outstanding initiatives in five categories: Industry/Professional Advancement, Community Support and Engagement, Global Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Advocacy. ASAE will celebrate the Power of Associations Award winners during its annual Summit Awards Dinner on Sept. 29 at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.


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