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Apply Now for National Leadership Positions

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​The 2023 self-nomination process is now closed.
The deadline to submit was July 18. 
No additional applications are being accepted.

Homeowner leaders, community association managers, and business partners​: Shape the future of community association living by making your mark as a CAI leader!

CAI is governed by dedicated members like you who help shape the future of the community association marketplace, and you can make a difference by applying to serve on one of CAI's Membership Representation Groups by July 18​​​​​​! Open positions will be filled via election in August, and eligible voting members will be notified at that time.

There are 15 total open positions on CAI's three Membership Representation Groups:

Business Partners Council (six open positions)​
    ​>>Learn more

Community Association Managers Council (six open positions
    >>Learn more.  

Homeowner Leaders Council (three open positions)
    >>Learn more. ​ ​

Unless otherwise noted, open positions are for two-year terms beginning January 1, 2024, and will be filled via election in August. In general, members may serve a maximum of six years (three terms) on a council.

The link to apply can be found on each of the above council-specific pages. Please read all of the qualifications and time/service commitments carefully before applying. You must meet all of the qualifications to be included in the election.

Role of C​​ounci​​ls

Each council represents its corresponding category of membership to help ensure that CAI is meeting member needs. The councils serve in an advisory role to the Board of Trustees regarding policy matters and to staff ​regarding programs and services. The councils are not chapter-based and are not involved in chapter policy, operations, or governance. 

CAI Go​vernance

CAI operates under ​Policy Governance®, a governing model that encourages strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, and makes a clear distinction between board and staff roles. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with Policy Governance® at www.carvergov​ and before running for a position on a council.

Time/​Service Commitments

The councils meet in person two times per year at a retreat with the Board of Trustees (typically in January or February) and at the CAI Annual Conference each spring (May 8-11, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada​​) as well as via video calls throughout the year. Newly elected members are also required to attend training on Policy Governance® in connection with the Retreat being held February ​13-14​, 2024,​ prior to the ​​CAI Law S​eminar​. Members may also be asked to work on council related projects between meetings.​

Members are responsible for their expenses to attend meetings; however, homeowner ​
leaders receive stipends to help offset their expenses.

General Qualifications

To be eligible to serve on a council, an individual must meet the following criteria:

    • Must hold a CAI membership in a category corresponding with the council being applied to (See below for membership length requirements.)
    • Commits to attend scheduled meetings (in-person and via conference call), attend Policy Governance®​ Model training, and otherwise abide by the council's adopted attendance policy
    • Agrees not to campaign for election or encourage others to campaign in support of him/her or in opposition to other candidates​
    • Must not have been officially sanctioned or otherwise censured by CAI relative to a CAI designation
    • Has not been convicted of a crime of the first or second degree or a crime of a fiduciary nature of any degree while serving as a member of an executive board or during the course of his/her employment
    • Is not employed by or otherwise receive remuneration from CAI, a CAI chapter, or an affiliate organization​
    • Meets the council-specific requirements below:

Council-Specific Qualifications

Membership Type

Minimum Membership Length Credentials CAI ServiceOther
Community Association Managers CouncilManager or Management Company
Covered by requirements to obtain PCAM (five years)Individual Mgr: PCAM

CEO w/o PCAM: Company must have AAMC

Business Partners CouncilBusiness Partner
Five yearsEducated Business Partner DistinctionCAI chapter or national committee or boardNone
Homeowner Leaders CouncilHomeowner Leader or Individual Homeowner
Two yearsNoneCAI chapter or national committee or boardService on community association board

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