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Recruiting Made Easy

Laurianne Riley - 10/7/2016


‚ÄčThomas M. Skiba, CAE, CAI Chief Executive Officer

In today's world, word-of-mouth marketing can make or break a business. Whether you post an unflattering review about the new restaurant in your neighborhood or pass along the business card of your trusted plumber, sharing your experiences matters.

Although you won't find CAI on Yelp, our growth and success relies heavily on members recruiting members. When members recruit, everyone wins. And CAI is fortunate to have a long list of dynamic and successful recruiters who go into the community and share their personal CAI experience with prospective members.

Our goal now through the Strength in Numbers campaign is to recruit even more recruiters to continue spreading the word about CAI. After all, networking is enhanced when new faces share their own unique experiences and personalities. Our ability to advocate for our shared goals is amplified as our voice grows louder. And as each new member takes advantage of our educational opportunities, the entire field is elevated.

Recruiters benefit on a personal level, as well. The Recruiter Club rewards members with one credit per new member. Each month, one recruiter will be selected as Recruiter of the Month based on their number of recruits in a one-month period. The Recruiter of the Month with fewer than five recruits receives a prize valued at $100; the Recruiter of the Month with more than five recruits win a prize valued at $200.

Recruiters also are recognized both through their chapters and nationally as they reach recruiting milestones. You could be the next Recruiter of the Year onstage at the 2017 CAI Annual Conference and Exposition.

Just like when you recommend your favorite business, there are many ways to spread the word. Tell a colleague about your own membership experiences, bring him or her to an event, pass along a publication or catalog, or forward one of CAI's e-newsletters to someone.

We hope you will answer the call and recognize that recruiting IS for you! For more information, visit the Recruiter Club page and simply start sharing your experiences with your prospective members.