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2023 Distinguished Speakers

January 11-14, 2023

Congratulations! Your session was accepted for the 2023​ Annual Law Seminar. Below is the checklist and timeline for your materials. The PowerPoint template will be available by October 5 or earlier. Please use the CAI PowerPoint Template when creating your visual presentation. 

CAI Speaker Contact
Holly Carson, CMP​
(703) 970-9240 Direct
(703) 598-7938 Cell


Speaker's Webinar

If you are a first-time presenter ​you are required to listen to  a 30-minute, pre-recorded webinar on presentation techniques.

Law Seminar Online Document Library

All handouts will be provided to attendees in an online document library (in advance for download) and on the Law Semin​ar mobile app. The​ Law Seminar is a paper-free event.​​


See Schedule Page​ 
What Time Is My Program? We will email you once your day/time is confirmed.  If you have not heard from us, or have any questions about your program, please email Holly Carson at 

​​Handouts | Due Dates​

  • TITLE/DESCRIPTION Draft Deadline - September 30, 2022 - send to POC & Holly Carson ( ​Please note that CAI Marketi​ng reveiws all titles and descriptions and may make changes. 
  • DRAFT - November 1, 2022 - Upload Drafts with your Name in Title to the Draft Dropbox folder.​
  • FINAL - December 1, 2022 - Upload Final materials with your name in title to Final Dropbox folder. ​

​Don't have access to Dropbox? -- Email outlines, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations to your Point of Contact (POC) and to Holly Carson (hcarson@caionline.orgvia email. Your POC will review all presentations before they are considered final.

Copyrighted Documents in your materials:

If you have any documents that are copyrighted you have a few options:

  1. Print up to 150 words and add a hyperlink to the online source
  2. Provide just the hyperlinks
  3. Secure copyright permission (for electronic reprint) and email that to me,

If you do have copyright permission:

a. Send me a copy of the permission granted to You need to add the following in the footer of each page, “Reprinted with permission from Name of company or association. No further distribution or reprinting allowed without permission from the original copyright holder."

b. You need to confirm it can be added to our online document library for advance download. ​

Use of Copyright Images and Music during your presentation - questions:

  1. Can you have music at your presentation?
  2. Yes, but it must be on the BMI music licensing approved website
  3. Can you have copyrighted cartoons or images in you PowerPoint presentation?
    a. Yes, because your live session is for education purposes you can have copyrighted images in your PowerPoint
    b. ​CAI will remove the cartoon for the distributed materials ​

​Continuing Education Units | Attorneys, Insurance Agents & Managers

​See Continuing Education Units Page


CEOMC17_RegButton.png ​

Speakers need to register if planning to attend the Law Seminar and want CEU credit. Registration is $725 by December 14, 2022 and $815 after December 14, 2022​. The registration for Law Seminar includes all educations sessi​​ons, post-seminar recording​​s of all sessions for up to one yea​r (speaker exclusive benefit), the Online Document Library, continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, and a reception on Thursday evening. ​​


Sheraton New Orleans Hotel <<online reservation link open
500​ Canal Street​
New Orleans, LA 70130

Discounted rate is $179 ​
Tell them you are with 2023 CAI Annual Law Seminar and Board of Trustees Meeting

  • ​​CAI negotiates for a certain n​umber of discounted bl​ocked rooms. The discounted room rate is available until December 5, 2022 or the block is full. Once the block is sold-out rooms will be available based on best available rate.  ​​​​​​​​​​