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Community Association Law Seminar Best Manuscript Award

Each year, the CAI Law Seminar Planning Committee reviews all potential presenters community association law presentations to determine the breakout sessions for the following year's event. In addition to presentation slides, the final selection of only 24 presenters submit a comprehensive manuscript to accompany their session, citing case studies and offering templates.
After Law Seminar, a subcommittee analyzes all of the manuscripts and nominates the Best Manuscript of the Law Seminar for approve from the full Planning Committee and the College of Community Association Lawyers' Board of Governors. The Best Manuscript sets the benchmark for all future Law Seminar submissions.

Best Manuscript Award Winners


TRENDS: Religion in Community Associations: Fair Housing or Free Speech?

Kevin Hirzel, Esq., Edward Hoffman, Jr., Esq., Michael S. Karpoff, Esq., & Todd A. Sinkins, Esq.


Bucking the Trends: The Impact of Legislative Trends on Community Association Governance

Matt Ober, Esq., & Amy Tinetti, Esq. 


Social Media in Community Associations

Daniela Burg, J.D., Edward Hoffman, Jr., Esq. & Gerald C. Wigger, Esq.


Amending Governing Documents: Providing Effective Legal Counsel (And Effective Amendments) 

Marion A. Aaron, Esq. & Allen B. Warren, Esq.


Running A Darn Good Meeting: What You Need to Know About Parliamentary Procedure

James H. Slaughter, Esq.


Community Association Voting: Evolving Trends in Membership Elections of Directors and the Authorization of Corporate Action.

David J. Graf, Esq., & Steven S. Weil, Esq.

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