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​​Optional Pre-Forum Activities

California Common-Interest Development Law Course
Thursday, Oct. 17| 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (registration begins at 7:30 a.m.) at Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
This eight-hour, pre-forum session is an in-depth legal course for community managers, board members, and attorneys in California. Taught by experienced community association attorneys, this is the most comprehensive legal course available covering California and federal laws affe​cting community associations. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the Davis-Stirling Act, California Corporations Code, and common law as they relate to common-interest developments (CIDs). A California CID Law Seminar workbook, a valuable resource for use after the seminar, is included. Topics covered include: conflict of interest, governance, board members' fiduciary duties, operations, homeowners' rights and responsibilities, finances, reserves and assessment collections, meetings (notices and voting), rules enforcement and disclosure requirements, and CID and board liability.
Registration fees (lunch included): On or before Sept. 30: $119 members | $134 nonmembers
After Sept. 30: $149 members | $164 nonmembers ​

California Legislative Action Committee Benefit Fundraiser
Thursday, Oct. 17| 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
In conjunction with the Legal Forum, please join CAI's eight California chapters and the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) for an exciting evening of dining, cocktails, and networking with peers while also benefitting CLAC. The benefit will be held at the Rose Garden on the grounds of the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa.
Registration fees: On or before Sept. 30: $105 members | $140 nonmembers
After Sept. 30: $130 members | $165 nonmembers

Silent Auction

A silent auction will run throughout the day during the Legal Forum. Items will include gift baskets, day trips, wine, exclusive art, and much more. The bidding will end before the last session of the day. Proceeds will be donated to the CLAC to support its legislative efforts.

Legal Forum Programming


​LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD with Louie A. Brown, Jr., Esq., Managing Partner, Government Relations Group, Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP​

Join us for a lively, interactive roundtable when local legislators come together with CAI-CLAC Legislative Advocate Louie Brown to discuss the political climate in Sacramento and hot topics affecting our industry. This session will include audience Q & A.​

Education Program

When the $#!^ Hits the Fan: Crisis Management for Community Managers

In the world of community associations, we often face situations that we would never have dreamed might occur. These might include trees falling on homes, injuries or deaths within the community, or owners chaining themselves to common areas to avoid changes. Although it is impossible to prepare for the unexpected because there is no set rule book, fear not! We'll analyze and review approaches to working through unexpected calamities with the managerial skills that you already have.
James R. McCormick, Jr., Esq., CCAL*, Delphi Law Group, LLP
Matt D. Ober, Esq., CCAL, Richardson|Ober PC
Nena T. Rutherford, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, DRM-An Associa Company

Are You Effectively Bridging the Communication Gap Using Digital Media?

This presentation explores the importance of using digital media platforms and innovative ways to deepen your communication skills. Walk away with at least 10 tips you can use immediately to help you grow your business, create your brand, and build your team, associations, and leadership. Also learn how to effectively deal with the negativity that some online platforms seem to foster.
Robert M. DeNichilo, Esq., CCAL*, Nordberg|DeNichilo, LLP 
Keven Hempel, B Taylor Painting 
Janet Quinn Dennis, Quinn Dennis Mediation and Cons​ulting

When Disaster Strikes: Fires, Earthquakes, and Floods, Oh My!

Dive deeper into disaster preparedness and learn how to advise associations in the aftermath of devastation. This presentation will cover insurance-related issues and practical steps to deal with future emergencies. Speakers will use recent real-life examples that brought to light the need for better planning to be truly “disaster ready." 
Timothy P. Flanagan, Esq., Berding & Weil, LLP
Patrick Prendiville, CIRMS, Prendiville Insurance Agency
Jill Van Zeebroeck, PCAM, Malibu Management Services LLC​​

CC&Rs and Bylaws: Is It Time for a Rewrite?
An association's governing documents don't have to be as old as the Constitution to benefit from amendment or restatement. Many changes in the law during the past 10+ years indicate that an association should consider updating its CC&Rs and bylaws. This program will explore issues such as common CC&R amendments, provisions to consider changing in an association's bylaws, the amendment and restatement process, and how to battle member apathy and gain support for proposed amendments.
W. Alexander Noland, Esq., CCAL* Noland Law PC
Tracy R. Neal, Esq., The Miller Law Firm

California's Landmark Decisions

Pivotal community association cases impact, for better or worse, how associations are managed. Cases run the gamut from disputes about cats, personal injuries, and violent attacks to termites and delinquencies. Speakers will explore concepts like the “business judgment rule" and the meaning of “fiduciary duty" using an interactive format where the audience will be asked to predict the outcome based upon the facts presented. The real-life verdicts may surprise you. Walk away with tips and tools from these cases to apply to your day-to-day activities.
Denise D. Iger, Esq., Iger Wankel & Bonkowski LLP
Cang Le, Esq., Angius & Terry LLP
Steven J. Tinnelly, Esq., Tinnelly Law Group

The Fair Housing Regulations Are Almost Here! Do you Know How to Comply?

After years of study and deliberation, California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing Council is in the process of adopting the state's first fair housing regulations. These regulations, if not followed, could expose both managers and boards to expensive enforcement liability and damages. This fast-paced presentation will feature the current director of DFEH and two attorneys active in fair housing matters. You'll leave with practical tips regarding compliance and additional useful information related to the regulations.
Janet L.S. Powers, Esq., CCAL*, Fiore Racobs & Powers APLC
Kelly G. Richardson, Esq., CCAL*, Richardson|Ober PC
Kevin Kish, Director of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

No Laughing Matter: Dealing with Bullying and Harassment Within Your Communities

Forms of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person discomfort, distress, or even injury are becoming more prevalent in our communities. Bullying and harassment cannot be ignored, and you need tangible ways to manage this behavior. Attendees will receive practical tools to: prevent and de-escalate situations; manage high-tension board and membership meetings; appropriately respond to bullying; and hold individuals accountable for improper or illegal actions.
Sascha Macias, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, FirstService Residential AAMC
Steven A. Roseman, Esq., Roseman Law APC

No Fear! Combatting Discrimination with Awareness

Delving deep into the understanding of prejudice and becoming self-aware is a great first step to eliminating discrimination in our communities. This presentation will review third-party liability, protected classes, provide insights for managers to address this topic with board members, and help raise awareness among the attendees. Participants are encouraged to take a 10-minute social attitude survey before the start of the presentation at (Scroll down to “I wish to proceed.")
Brian D. Moreno, Esq., CCAL*, SwedelsonGottlieb
Lisa A. Tashjian, Esq., CCAL*, Beaumont Tashjian

Freedom of Speech in CIDs: Where Are the Boundaries?

In today's society, people often speak, write, blog, or tweet without a filter, believing that they are protected by the First Amendment. This presentation will address the boundaries of protection and gray areas in common-interest developments that often leave homeowners, boards, vendors, and managers exposed to defamation claim liability. Attendees will take away practical steps that can be used to guard against defamation claims.
Sean D. Allen, Esq., Roseman Law APC 
Chelsi Rueter, CMCA, PCAM, Community Property Management

Picking Up the Train: Getting Compliance Issues Back on Track

When the train falls off the track, you've got to pick it up. In the legal world, a board's power is often derailed by not being in compliance with governing documents and California laws. When an association gets off track, its ability to settle disputes favorably regarding maintenance, rules, or policies can be compromised. With an overall goal of protecting the association, speakers will address how to get back into compliance, form good policies, overcome prior mistakes and historical practices, and implement best-practice record retention methods.
Jacqueline D. Foster, Esq., Fiore Racobs & Powers APLC;
Cyrus Koochek, Esq., SwedelsonGottlieb

Legal Jeopardy!: Practical Answers to Common Questions

Experienced community association attorneys are frequently asked questions about similar issues that most associations face. In this session, the attorneys will pose and answer common questions that give rise to tricky legal dilemmas, including elections, neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, nuisances, and enforcement. They will explore the unique issues and discuss practical solutions to help boards and managers avoid legal jeopardy in your community.
Christina Baine DeJardin, Esq., Delphi Law Group, LLP
Susan M. Hawks McClintic, Esq., Epsten Grinnell & Howell APC
Laurie S. Poole, Esq., CCAL*, Adams Stirling PLC

Jail Is Not an Option: What Happens When Managers and Directors Violate Davis-Stirling?

The Davis-Stirling Act has 254 statutes, and there are fair housing, solar, bankruptcy, corporations, and other laws that regulate associations and management. Many laws impose penalties—some tame, others severe—for violations. This fun and fast session will focus on laws with big penalties: how to avoid them, how to minimize risk, and how to manage the often-unavoidable politics when problems occur.
Bob​ Ha​rvey, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Associa-PCM
Sandra Long, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Professional Association Services
Steven S. Weil, Esq., CCAL*, Berding & Weil LLP

 ​​*College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) fellow​