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2014 End of Session Report

The short, 60-day legislative session in Olympia was relatively uneventful as a unique partisan split divided the two chambers resulting in any significant legislation being put on hold while legislators battled with budget priorities to fund a Supreme Court mandated court decision relating to funding basic education.

The 2015 legislative session will prove to be much more active with the introduction of legislation adopting a revised form of the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act.

Annual Minutes - HB 2567, which passed and was enacted, requires an association to make meeting minutes from the previous association meeting available to each owner for examination and copying not more than sixty days after the meeting. In addition, the bill calls for the minutes of the previous association meeting be approved at the next association meeting in accordance with the association’s governing documents.

Limiting Reserve Studies - HB 2240 and SB 6147 would have exempted condominium associations with fewer than 50 units and residents 55 years and older from having to update its reserve study after the initial study has been completed. WSCAI LAC strongly opposed both of these bills. The proposals failed to be reported out of their committees of origin.

Marina Slips - SB 6319 would have exempted a marina slip that is “incorporated as its own community association” from the HOA Act. This bill failed to pass the legislature.