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2014 End of Session Report

Priority Lien - The Ohio LAC had Representative Rogers introduce a priority lien bill, HB 572, that would have provided that a portion of a condominium or planned community assessment is prior to other liens on condominium units and planned community lots and to provide that a condominium unit owners association lien is a continuing lien. The bill failed upon adjournment.

Omnibus Bill - The LAC also worked hard to defeat HB 371. This bill would have subjected fellow volunteer board members and property managers to criminal prosecution for failure to meet certain statutory requirements. It also required all board meetings be open and abolishes the ability to make decisions without a meeting even with unanimous, written approval.  For obvious reasons, these issues alone are reason enough to oppose this legislation. Furthermore, the bill also required every association to register each year with the Department of Real Estate and provide all the Board members names, addresses and other information, which would be made available to the public. The LAC successfully defeated the legislation. ​​​