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2014 End of Session Report

Manager Licensure - Two sets of legislation were introduced that would regulate the community manager profession. AB 2110 and its companion (SB 184) require residential real property managers or any firm employing a property manager, contracting with a property manager or contracting to provide a property manager to file a registration statement with the secretary of state and to be certified by an approved certifying organization. CAI opposes these companion bills which languished in their committee of referral. AB 4917 provides for the licensing of common-interest community association managers. CAI supported the language found in AB 4917; however, the enacting clause of the bill was struck in January 2014, so the bill was killed.

Assessments - AB 6268 and its companion (SB 1001) require market-based assessments of real property owned or leased by a cooperative corporation or on a condominium basis which is converted or constructed on or after January 1, 2015. The measures languished in their committees of referral.