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2015 End of Session Report

​​​​​Notice and assessment provisions (LD 820/SP 294): Amending the condo act to allow e-mail notice to unit owners for annual and special meetings (to an e-mail address “specifically designated by the unit owner”); make the notice period for the proposed annual budget consistent with the notice period for the annual meeting; and specify the procedures for authorizing special assessments. CAI supported this measure. Passed the House under the hammer. Passed the Senate under the hammer. The bill was signed into law.

Political signs (LD 955): Determines that an association may not include in its bylaws or declaration, any rule that prohibits a unit owner from displaying political signs on their unit that support or oppose a candidate for a public office during a period of six weeks before and one week after the election. CAI opposed this measure. Passed by the House under the hammer.  Passed by the Senate under the hammer. Vetoed by Governor LaPage. Veto was overridden by a House vote of 97:45 and a Senate vote of 29:6. ​