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2015 End of Session Report

​Planned Community Act-After spearheaded the drafting of the Kentucky Condominium Act in 2011, which became law and modernized Kentucky's condominium legislation for the first time since 1962, the LAC sought to introduce the Kentucky Planned Community Act.

In an attempt to cover common interest planned communities the LAC pushed for the proposed act. Many subdivisions, patio home and townhome communities are organized as Homeowners Associations and operate in a similar manner as condominiums, but they are currently without the proper disclosure and other consumer protections offered under the Condominium Act. The purpose of the Kentucky Planned Community Act is to provide umbrella legislation for all planned communities within the Commonwealth. The nature of planned communities is not as complex as condominiums. Therefore, this proposed Act is not as comprehensive as the Condominium Act, yet it contains the essential elements for planned communities and their respective owners associations to operate and provide the public with the necessary consumer disclosures and protection that should be provided.