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2016 End of Session Report

​​​​​​​​Well it happened again… The Legislative Action Committee's (LAC's) 2016 attempt to get an Animal Control bill (HB 5151) passed was snatched away.  Once again, we got very close to the bill's passage, but an objection from an ACO (Animal Control Officer) took a big bite out of all the support we had for the bill.  The LAC tried to negotiate, but simply ran out of time before the final bell of the session rang.

The LAC also attempted to negotiate a legislative fix for the late April Connecticut Supreme court decision (The Neighborhood Association, Inc. v. Limberger) that severely impacted active foreclosure cases.  The LAC tried to find support for a validating act that would at minimum protect the foreclosure proceedings that were currently in play.  Nevertheless, it is important to all common interest communities to understand that they must now adopt foreclosure polices through the notice and hearing process or else they might not be on firm legal grounds to proceed with any foreclosure actions. 

The ad hoc committee of the LAC is finalizing the details of our 4th Annual Legal & Legislative Symposium which will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at Oronoque Village Clubhouse. Save the date!