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2020 Law Seminar Call for Presentations



CAI is now accepting presentation proposals for the 2020 Law Seminar!



The College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) Law Seminar Planning Committee is seeking speakers to present progressive and innovative sessions at the 2020 Community Association Law Seminar scheduled for January 15-18, in Las Vegas.

The Law Seminar Planning Committee conduct​​s a call for presentations seeking CAI's network of community association lawyers and leading industry ex​perts to submit proposals to be among elite education program presenters at the event. If you have a new way of tackling a challenge, a unique approach to a situation, or a forward-thinking perspective on legal issues, the Planning Committee wants to hear from you.


Past Presenters

  • ​​Submit a written presentation proposal. 

First-time Submissions  

  • ​​Submit a written presentation proposal AND Submit a presentation proposal video (link below). 

  • First-time Law Seminar presenters are strongly encouraged to submit presentation proposals in video format. In your video, please briefly describe your presentation topic, a s​uggested title and description, and a brief outline of session points to be covered.

​​*Past presenters are not required to submit a presentation proposal video.

  • Please include your first and last name in the video filename for identification purposes.
  • To submit your video, click on the SUBMIT VIDEO button below and you'll be directed to the Dropbox website.
  • Drag your video file into the Law Seminar 2020 Video Proposals folder to upload.

>>Questions? CCAL staff liaison Phoebe Neseth can help you focus your presentation submission.​

Timeline for submissions and approval:

  • May 312019 Submission deadline
  • August 1, 2019 Presentations will be confirmed​

General Information

CAI's Law Seminar provides a unique learning opportunity to discuss emerging trends and legislative issues important to the practice of community association law—as well as excellent opportunities for professional networking. Presenting at the CAI Law Seminar provides attorneys the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the evolving field of com​munity association law in front of hundreds of their industry peers.

Community association law is changing, and our estimated 600 attendees will be looking for cutting edge education programs providing substantive, expert-level education sessions.


Desired categories for presentation proposals include the following:

Best Practices

  • Adjusting property damage claims
  • Best practice management
  • Client termination issues
  • Board member communications
  • Collection practices
  • Drafting governing documents to meet FHA and Fannie Mae requirements
  • Managing experts in complex litigation
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Tendering insurance claims to carrier
  • Work/life balance


  • Construction defects
  • Cutting edge covenant enforcement stored information
  • Early dispute resolution
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • FDCPA issues and priority liens
  • Legislative updates by state
  • Manager licensing
  • Reserve studies
  • Short-term rental comparison


  • Attorney-client privilege and exceptions
  • Conflicts between master associations and sub-associations

  • Judicial v. non-judicial foreclosures
  • Low-income communities
  • State Condominium Act comparisons


When submitting your presentation request, please remember:

  • Law Seminar Sessions are panel-style presentations; there is a three-speaker maximum per panel presentation submission (including moderator)
  • Variation of law firms and geographic location should be considered when putting together a presentation panel
  • Gender balance is ideal for each presentation panel
  • If you do not have a panel decided, please submit your presentation concept. The Planning Committee will place appropriate speakers and topics into panels during the approval process.
  • A written manuscript is required for submission to explain the substance of the presentation. PowerPoint presentations are optional for presenters.

Timeline for submissions and approval:

  • May 31, 2019 Submission deadline
  • August 1, 2019 Presentations will be confirmed