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2020 Elections - What You Need to Know

Let's give community associations more of a voice with legislators by increasing the number of community association residents who vote.

REGISTER TO VOTE. Complete the form below to register to vote. Your registration will be sent to and processed by your state or local election officials. Keep in mind that voter registration deadlines vary from state to state.

WHO ARE THE CANDIDATES? Complete the form below to see your candidates. Then learn more about your candidates and if they support public policy issues that are important to you.

GET OUT THE VOTE. Encourage your friends and neighbors to register to vote and vote for candidates who support policy issues important to you. They can use this URL ( or text 'CAIvotes' to '52886' to access all the voter information they need.

GO VOTE.  Complete the form below to learn how to request an absentee ballot and find your polling location. Then VOTE!