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2017 End of Session Report

The CAI Missouri Legislative Action Committee (LAC) monitored over 20 pieces of legislation this year that could have impacted community associations in Missouri.  None of the bills passed.   Below is a summary of the more impactful legislation that we anticipate being reintroduced in 2018 with new bill numbers:

Amateur radio restrictions: HB 136 is like the federal bill titled "Amateur Radio Parity Act," but did not include amendments CAI worked into the federal legislation despite attempts to do so with the sponsor.  This proposal would have prohibited private land-use agreements from precluding or unreasonably restricting amateur service communications. The LAC worked with another legislator to prevent this legislation from moving forward without the suggested amendments. We will continue to monitor this legislation and advocate for any language to mirror federal legislation.   

Political signs: HB 355 is a perennial issue that prohibits a homeowners' association from preventing a property owner from placing political signs on his or her property, but would authorize the homeowners' association to regulate signs similarly as municipalities. The measure passed the House and was voted out of Senate committee, but was not brought up on the Senate Floor prior to adjournment.

Short-term rentals: HB 988 provided framework to regulate short-term rentals. However, the legislation took it one step further and provided "no property owners association shall enforce an ordinance or rule that prohibits or has the practical effect of prohibiting residential dwelling rentals unless such ordinance or rule passed by a unanimous vote of the association member." The LAC opposed the measure with other interest groups.

Missouri Homeowners' Bill of Rights: Several pieces of legislation were introduced to create a framework to regulate homeowners' associations including amendments, rulemaking, organization as a nonprofit, consumer protections and collection authority. SB 398 was a piece the LAC worked with the sponsors to introduce and had its focus for support. The LAC also worked with the sponsors of different, but less effective, legislation.

Solar restrictions: Two pieces of legislation were introduced on this perennial issue. The LAC supports the concept of SB 109, but oppose it as currently drafted.  The portion supported by the LAC eliminates the blanket prohibition on solar energy systems based upon reasonable rules adopted by the association.  The LAC will continue to work with the sponsor on properly balancing the rights of the community to govern with the right of individual homeowners access to solar energy systems.