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Direct Mail & E-Mail Marketing

Direct Mail List Rental

CAI offers a variety of mailing-list rental options to meet your direct-mail and research needs. There is no better way to get a direct response from your promotions.

CAI's mailing-list rentals give you the flexibility to target your mailing to the most appropriate segments of our membership. You have several options from which to choose, including community association volunteer leaders (board and committee members and homeowners), managers, management companies, and product and service providers.

 Mailing lists are provided via e-mail in Excel format and are available nationally, by state or by CAI chapter. The lists are rented for one-time-use only, with mailing copy pre-approved by CAI.

The lists do not include telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

The list of CAVL's cannot be rented by management companies

Business Partner Spotlight 

If you are looking for a great direct e-mail marketing opportunity, CAI's Business Partner Spotlight is the solution. Think of it as an e-postcard with a link to your homepage or specific landing page.

All eyes are on your company with Business Partner Spotlight. Distributed no more than once per 30 day period, this exclusive e-mail is sent to every CAI member for whom we have an e-mail address. You supply the copy, art and layout in a graphic file, including website links and corporate contact information, and CAI e-mails it for you.

This is an exceptional chance to reach the in boxes of tens of thousands of members.


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