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Chapter Awards


CAI has annually honored and celebrated the innovative and successful initiatives chapters do that contribute to the betterment of CAI and the community association industry. Below is the list of the 2022​ chapter award recipients.

Excellence Award - In recognition of overall Excellence in Public Affairs, Membership, Chapter Management & Development, Member Services, and Leadership. (*Chapters who received a score of 80 or above in fo​ur-chapter categories.)​

Chapter Operations & ​Sustainability - Chapter management or sustainability initiatives and/or tools focused on strengthening the internal workings of the chapter.

Leadership Awards - Strategic activities enhancing the mission and vision of the organization and/or contribute to the overall growth of the industry.​

Membership Engagement Awards - Services improving and enhancing overall membership experience, satisfaction, and value of CAI. Efforts or successful programs surrounding membership.  

Public Affairs Awards - Building the CAI brand and making the community aware of the services and resources available. ​

Out of the Box - Creating or revitalizing enhancements to the chapter's routine to think differently about achieving the chapter's goals.​

Best Net Growth     

  • Kentucky – 24.2% (Small)
  • Long Island – 21.6% (Medium)
  • Southeast Florida – 8.3% (Large)
  • Greater Houston – 14.9% (Very Large)
  • New Jersey – 6.7% (Extra Large)

Best Net Retention

  • Central Oregon Regional – 88.24% (Small)
  • Long Island – 88.99% (Medium)
  • Southeastern Virginia – 89.35% (Large)
  • Channel Islands – 90.01% (Very Large)
  • Orange County Regional – 85.69% (Extra Large)​
  • Overall Best Net Retention – Idaho (91.8%)