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Chapter Awards


​​​​​​For more than 20 years CAI has annually honored and celebrated the innovative and successful initiatives chapters do that contribute to the betterment of CAI and the community association industry. Below is the list of the 2019 chapter award recipients.

Excellence Award - In recognition of overall excellence in public affairs, membership, chapter management & development, member services, and leadership.

  • Illinois Chapter

Chapter Management/Development Awards - Chapter management or development initiatives and/or tools focused on strengthening the internal workings of a chapter.

Leadership Awards - Training, development, and/or recognition programs that empower volunteers and/or members to be effective, efficient leaders.​

Membership Awards - Membership acquisition, retention, or development efforts that enables CAI to expand its membership base.

Member Services - Member services that successfully meet the needs of our individual member groups and assist in retention and member satisfaction.

Public Affairs - Activities demonstrating the chapter's role in promoting CAI as the industry's leading advocate for responsible communities to the public.

Best Net Growth     

  • Utah (Small) – 13.8% 
  • Tennessee (Medium) – 8.2% 
  • Central Florida (Large) – 6.2% 
  • West Florida (Very Large) – 4% 

Best Net Retention

  • ​Kentucky (Small) – 90.38% 
  • Tennessee (Medium) -84.44% 
  • Central Florida (Large) – 86.65% 
  • South Carolina (Very Large) – 82.73%