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Legislator & Staff Corner

At Community Associations Institute, we are dedicated to building effective relationships with you and your constituents that live in America's 330,000 community associations. Further, we are committed to being a resource to you and your staff on all community association issues. Please turn to us often.

In this section you will find resources to educate your staff and your constituents on living in a homeowners association, condominium association, or cooperative association – collectively known as community associations.

If you do not find what you are looking for in this section or need further guidance, please reach out to our Government Affairs staff at We can serve as expert testimony or connect you with a constituent that is a volunteer leader or professional in community associations.


The following are resources that can be used to find information about your constituents who live in community associations.

Federal Advocacy Guide - This guide gives an overview of the federal issues currently impacting community associations and what you as a legislator can do to help.

State Advocacy Guide - This guide gives an overview of the state issues currently impacting community associations and what you as a legislator can do to help. 

State Legislative Action Committees (LACs) -  LACs represent the interests of CAI members and chapters within their boundaries with respect to state legislative, regulatory and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations. Use the link to find the LAC your constituents belong to.

How to Handle HOA Complaints - A brief guide to help you understand and resolve community association related questions and complaints from constituents.

State Facts & Figures - These pages give an overview of community associations in each state - This is a great resource to gauge how many of your constituents live in community associations.

HOA Sweet HOA  - If you have questions about the satisfaction of people living in community associations, government regulation in community association, disagreement resolution within community associations or how and why community associations work, this is a great resource.

Summary of key associatio n data and information - This is a great resource if you or your constituents have questions about how many people live and work in community associations or how much money collected by associations and used for municipal services and amenities.

Principles for community association success - This is a great resource for your constituents who have questions about their rights and responsibilities as homeowners or board members, or questions on governance and ethics within community associations.

Chapters - Chapters administer a variety of programs and services such as professional development programming, community association board member education, networking opportunities, educational publications and other services to meet the needs of their members. Use the link to find the chapter your constituents belong to.

Best Practices Reports - Function-specific best practices in topic areas such as energy efficiency, governance, reserve studies, community harmony and spirit, financial operations, strategic planning, and transition have been developed using a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, recommendations from industry experts and various industry-related publications.


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