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Hurricane Florence Statement to Members

9/19/2018  -  Falls Church, VA

CAI Supports Communities in the Path of Hurricane Florence

We've watched media reports of Hurricane Florence wreaking havoc on communities in the Carolinas with entire neighborhoods flooded to the rooftops, residents stranded, water rushing—with debris— through streets and communities. The devastation is unimaginable.

While Hurricane Florence has devastated many community associations and has touched homeowners and the businesses serving these communities, CAI is working with policymakers and government officials here in Washington, D.C., to help keep community associations safe by advocating that local governments and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) contractors remove debris expeditiously.

CAI recognizes the American Red Cross and the governors' offices are best equipped to provide immediate resources for recovery efforts. In addition, CAI is committed to delivering our industry's support and resources to members. CAI will continue to monitor the emergency preparedness and disaster recovery efforts. We are continually updating our Disaster Preparedness & Management webpages at

CAI recognized this may be inconsequential, but we hope these simple measures help you focus on you, your family, and your communities at this difficult time. If you are a CAI member and have been impacted by this storm, CAI is making special accommodations for you and our members in need.

● Effective immediately—for CAI members in North Carolina and South Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence—CAI is extending September and October membership renewals until Dec. 31.

● We also have implemented a designations renewal extension plan for CAI members in those areas affected by Florence who hold active CAI credentials (AMS, LSM, PCAM, RS, CIRMS, and AAMC) and who are currently registered for CAI's continuing education courses.

● In the event a CAI PMDP course is cancelled, we will notify registrants by email and post cancellation information at

● In the short term, we will suspend marketing emails to members impacted by Hurricane Florence.

CAI is committed to helping all our members affected by this devastating September storm. Now, more than ever before, communities and business partners in the Carolinas need our support to survive and ultimately recover.

Call (888) 224-4321 or email with any questions.

Phone: 703-970-9235