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Community Associations Institute Announces New Trustees and Officers for 2001

4/2/2001  -  Alexandria, VA

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has announced seven new members of the Board of Trustees, and five newly elected officers. Newly elected to the CAI Board of Trustees are Pearline Atkinson-Stewart, Robert W. Browning, Sandra K. Denton, Ross W. Feinberg, Drew R. Mulhare, Robert A. Travis and Wilbert Washington II. Newly elected officers include Mitchell H. Frumkin, Jasmine Martirossian, Marjorie J. Meyer, Maryjane Moore, and J. David Ramsey.

New Trustees

Pearline Atkinson-Stewart, a Columbia, MD homeowner, works as Assistant to the Director of Facilities Management for Howard Community College, helping to oversee building construction and renovation bids and vendor contracts. She is a member of the County Engineers Association of Maryland, Vice Chair of the Columbia Association Board of Directors, President of Citizens United for Black Equality, and a board member of Community Builders of Howard County.

Robert W. Browning, PCAM, RS, a reserve specialist, is founder and owner of Browning Reserve Group, Sacramento, CA. Mr. Browning has two decades of experience in association and reserve analysis and management. He has been a member of CAI's national faculty, a speaker at various meetings and events for the past decade, and has served on the California Legislative Action Committee since 1994, most recently as the committee's Vice Chair.

Sandra K. Denton, CMCA, PCAM, is manager of First Colony Community Services Association of Sugar Land, TX, a 10,000-acre, large-scale master-planned community with 12,500 units. Ms. Denton has a two-decade career in commercial and residential property management, and her community was the recipient of CAI's Community Association of the Year Award in 1998. She is author of various articles for CAI publications, and has presented at numerous community association seminars.

Ross W. Feinberg, Esq., is an attorney with Feinberg, Grant, Kaneda & Litt, LLP of Newport Beach, CA. Since beginning his practice of law fifteen years ago, Mr. Feinberg has concentrated solely on representing and advocating for community associations and management companies. He is an experienced teacher and speaker, and author of numerous articles related to community association law for national and regional CAI publications, and for publications such as the American Law Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and others.

Drew R. Mulhare, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, is president of Realtec, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, working with Ford's Colony at Williamsburg Homeowners' Association, listed among the nation's Top 50 Residential Communities, and winner of the 1999 National Community Association of the Year award. Mr. Mulhare has been a faculty member and presenter for various CAI classes and presentations, served as chairman of the Managers Education Committee (1997-2000) and is the chairman of the newly created 2001 Education Advisory Committee. Mr. Mulhare is also a member of the Virginia Real Estate Board's Common Interest Communities—Management Information Fund Advisory Committee, and the Virginia Housing Commission Study group.

Robert A. Travis is an insurance agent with Community Association Underwriters of America, Stroudsburg, PA. Mr. Travis has been in the commercial insurance industry since 1978, involved with community association insurance programs since 1986 and handled community association clientele exclusively for more than a decade. Mr. Travis has been involved with CAI for several years, and has served as a national faculty member for CAI's Professional Management Development Program (PMDP) for four years. Vice Chair of the CAI National Insurance and Risk Management Professionals Networking Committee, he is a frequent speaker and instructor at CAI national, regional and local conferences.

Wilbert Washington II, Esq., is an attorney with Chadwick, Washington, Olters, Moriarty & Lynn, P.C., in Fairfax, VA, where his firm provides counsel regarding the development and operation of condominiums, homeowners associations, cooperatives and resort communities. Mr. Washington has been a board member of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter of the Community Association Institute since 1994, served as President of the chapter in 1998 and has been a speaker at numerous community association- oriented presentations and events. Mr. Washington is a member of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, and has conducted numerous law courses for CAI's Law Seminars and conferences.

New Officers

Maryjane Moore, CMCA, PCAM, CAI Chair, is a builder/developer and partner/owner of Community Association Services, a consulting firm providing services to lenders, developers, management companies, individual homeowners and common interest communities. Long an active member of CAI, Ms. Moore has served the industry in numerous volunteer positions, both on the local and national levels. She has served several times as a panelist and moderator at National Conferences. Among the programs in which she participated were a motivational and efficiency planning workshop for managers, a mock trial involving construction defects, and a Research Foundation Symposium on affordable housing. Ms. Moore has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1994, serving two consecutive terms as Secretary before becoming Chair-elect in 2000.

Mitchell H. Frumkin, P.E., P.P., RS, is president of Kipcon Incorporated, a professional engineering consulting firm located in Highland Park, NJ, and will serve as Chair-elect. Mr. Frumkin is a Past President of the New Jersey Chapter of CAI, has served as a national Trustee since 1996 and is a past Chair of the CAI Research Foundation, as well as editor and contributing author of the nationally published book, A Complete Guide to Reserve Funding and Reserve Investment Strategies. He is a licensed engineer with licenses in 22 states and speaks frequently at CAI conferences, both on a state and national level. Mr. Frumkin also publishes articles on a regular basis for numerous community association magazines and newspapers on a national level.

Marjorie J. Meyer, CMCA, PCAM, is the founder of Prime Site, Inc., a community association management company, in Houston, TX, and will serve as Vice Chair. With two decades of experience in property and community management, Ms. Meyer has served as speaker and leader at various national community association-related training programs. Ms. Meyer has served on the City of Houston's Neighborhood Planning and Protection Committee, and was a promoter and instructor for the Houston Proud organization. She has extensive experience researching and writing on the subject of community associations, is author of numerous articles and has contributed to several books and reports on the subject of community associations.

Jasmine Martirossian, a Boston, MA homeowner, will serve as Secretary. Ms. Martirossian works with the Law, Policy and Society Program at Northeastern University. She has served as a member of CAI's Board of Trustees and the CAI Research Foundation Board of Directors since 2000, and was a session presenter and speaker at the four national CAI conferences held in 1999 and 2000. Ms. Martirossian has also authored numerous articles which have been published in CAI's magazine "Common Ground™," discussing community associations, co-housing, and trends. Ms. Martirossian is currently writing a book on group dynamics and interactions with a focus on community associations.

J. David Ramsey, Esq., an attorney with Hersh, Ramsey & Berman, of Morristown, NJ, will serve as Treasurer. Mr. Ramsey, who heads the real estate section of his law firm, has more than twenty years of experience in community association-related law. An active member of the New Jersey and American Bar Associations, Mr. Ramsey also serves on numerous committees related to community association and land development law. Mr. Ramsey has been a member of CAI's Board of Trustees since 1999, chair of CAI's Political Action Committee, and chair of CAI's law seminar planning committee.

* * *

The Community Associations Institute is a nonprofit association created in 1973 to educate and represent the nation's 231,000 community associations—condominium associations, homeowner associations and cooperatives. CAI members include homeowners, associations and the professionals who provide products and services to them.


Editor's Note: The complete listing of the 2001 CAI Officers and Trustees are as follows.

Community Associations Institute 2001 Officers and Trustees


  • Chair Maryjane Moore, CMCA, PCAM Builder/Developer—Levin & Moore Community Association Services Nashua, NH
  • Chair-elect Mitchell H. Frumkin, P.E., P.P., RS Engineer—Kipcon, Inc. North Brunswick, NJ
  • Vice Chair Marjorie J. Meyer, CMCA, PCAM Manager—Prime Site, Inc. Houston, TX
  • Secretary Jasmine Martirossian Homeowner Boston, MA
  • Treasurer J. David Ramsey, Esq. Attorney—Hersh, Ramsey & Berman Morristown, NJ

Board of Trustees

  • Pearline Atkinson-Stewart Homeowner Columbia, MD
  • Kenneth A. Bloom, CPA Accountant—Rosenfeld, Bloom & Co., PC Newton Centre, MA
  • Robert Browning, PCAM, RS Reserve Specialist—Browning Reserve Group Sacramento, VA
  • Mark A. Conner, CIC Insurance Agent—Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton Company Houston, TX
  • Sandra K. Denton, CMCA, PCAM Manager—First Colony Community Services Association Sugar Land, TX
  • Ronald Duprey, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Manager—Kramer-Triad Management Group, LLC Ann Arbor, MI
  • Richard S. Ekimoto, Esq. Attorney—Elisha, Ekimoto & Harada Honolulu, HI
  • Ross W. Feinberg, Esq. Attorney—Feinberg, Grant, Kaneda & Litt Newport Beach, CA
  • Howard A. Goldklang, CPA Accountant Goldklang, Cavanaugh & Associates, P.C., -- CPAs Fairfax, VA
  • Paul D. Gruzca, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Manager—Progressive Real Estate Services, Inc. Amherst, NY
  • Eric Damian Kelly, Ph.D. Public Official Muncie, IN
  • Fred Mellenbruch Homeowner Mission Viejo, CA
  • Drew Mulhare, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Manager—Realtec, Inc. Williamsburg, VA
  • Marvin J. Nodiff, Esq. Attorney—Nodiff & Ellis St. Louis, MO
  • J.A.G. "Buddy" Parrish Homeowner Virginia Beach, VA
  • Robert A. Travis Insurance Agent—Community Association Underwriters of America Stroudsburg, PA
  • Wilbert Washington II, Esq. Attorney—Chadwick, Washington, Olters, Moriarty & Lynn, P.C. Fairfax, VA

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