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CAI Chapters Recognized for Member Growth and Retention

6/28/2011  -  Falls Church, VA

Seven Community Associations Institute (CAI) chapters were recently recognized for achieving the highest member growth and retention rates in 2010, with the Michigan chapter earning honors for both growth and retention.

Four chapters were recognized for best net membership retention:

  • Hudson Valley (small chapter, 89.81 percent retention rate)
  • Michigan (medium chapter, 92.71 percent)
  • South Carolina (large chapter, 83.97 percent)
  • Southeastern Virginia (very large chapter, 92.39 percent)

Four chapters were recognized for highest net membership growth:

  • Long Island (small chapter, 19.25 percent growth rate)
  • Michigan (medium chapter, 6.18 percent)
  • Nevada (large chapter, 11.85 percent)
  • North Carolina (very large chapter, 3.83 percent)

Despite the economic downturn and housing slump, many of CAI’s 60 chapters achieved strong growth and retention rates in 2010, and that success has continued into 2011. CAI Chief Executive Officer Thomas M. Skiba, CAE, sees the chapters’ drive to recruit and retain members as just one example of their dedication and value to the organization.

“We’re constantly amazed by what our chapters bring to CAI. Whether they’re providing insights into the industry on the local level, encouraging volunteers to support one another or recruiting new members, our chapters play an integral role in our success,” says Skiba. “They are truly the backbone of CAI. It’s no surprise they maintain impressive growth and retention rates year after year.”

Chapter and member recruiting efforts have been particularly beneficial to CAI’s recruitment campaign, 30,000 & Counting. To date, the combined efforts have brought in nearly 2,800 new members, and recruitment numbers are still rising.

“It takes a strong grass-roots commitment for organizations like CAI to continue to record significant member growth, and we couldn’t accomplish that without dedicated chapter staff and member recruiters,” says Crystal L. Wallace, IOM, CAE, CAI’s vice president of membership and chapter relations. “The willingness for our members to recruit shows just how beneficial CAI is to them. Every new member helps CAI grow stronger and more effective as an organization.”

The 30,000 & Counting campaign was created to encourage the growth of CAI’s 30,000-plus membership base. Recruiters are eligible to win prizes, including free or reduced annual membership, monthly prizes and a free lifetime CAI membership.  For more information, including rules, rewards, recruiting tips and past winners, visit the 30,000 & Counting web page at The campaign ends Dec. 31, 2011.

The seven chapters are led by executive directors Maria Rodd (Hudson Valley), Vicki Hancock, CMCA, AMS, PCAM (Michigan), Kati Segar (South Carolina), Rebecca Woodring, CAE (Southeastern Virginia), Christine M. Majid (Long Island), Mary Rendina (Nevada) and Sara Stubbins (North Carolina).

CAI is dedicated to building better communities. With 59 domestic chapters, a chapter in South Africa and relationships with industry leaders in Canada, Australia, Dubai and elsewhere, CAI provides information, education and resources to associations and the professionals who support them. The institute’s mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship, ideals reflected in communities that are preferred places to call home. Visit or call (888) 224-4321.

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