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CAI Publishes Construction Defect Litigation Book

8/9/2006  -  Alexandria, VA
When a leak in the roof or a crack in the basement turns a new dream home into a nightmare, the builder or developer will usually repair it. But if they don't, there's help for homeowners, community managers, and others who need practical advice on how to resolve these complicated issues.


Construction Defect Litigation: The Community Association's Guide to the Legal Process, written by the nation's leading experts on construction defects, Ross Feinberg, Esq., and Ron Perl, Esq., is now available from Community Associations Press, the publishing division of Community Associations Institute (CAI).

It seems that construction defect issues arise as fast as the burgeoning housing industry can construct new developments. "Since nearly every new housing development becomes a homeowner or condominium association, it's the association that often must take the lead when serious construction defects arise," says CAI Chief Executive Officer Tom Skiba. "Litigation is an exceedingly complicated issue, and few managers or board members know what's needed or how to get through this dense legal process. This book can save them time and money, not to mention a lot of headaches and heartache."

Leading Arizona attorney Scott B. Carpenter says, "This book is great. The authors have done an excellent job of bringing this complex subject to the industry in a clear, concise and comprehensive format." The industry Carpenter refers to includes largely community association managers and the condominium and homeowner association boards they serve. Construction Defect Litigation is the guide they need before crossing this legal frontier. It will turn what could be a frustrating and difficult task into a manageable experience.

The 264-page book explains how to identify, investigate and document defects, the importance of right-to-repair laws and alternative dispute resolution, the community manager's role in the case, and what happens when the process is completed. The book also provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for and proceed successfully to resolve construction defect problems, regardless of whether the case goes to court.

Builders and developers also will find this book valuable. Says G. Douglass White, P.E., a prominent northern Virginia engineer, "This book will help developers and their attorneys refine their strategies for avoiding litigation in connection with construction defects."

Many specialists are involved in construction defect cases—financial analysts, engineers, environmental experts, investigators and others. How to work with all these technical specialists can be overwhelming and confusing for managers and homeowners. Benjamin Dutton, a Reserve Specialist who has investigated hundreds of construction defect claims, says this is the "first book that adequately explains the procedural aspects of construction defect claims—a must read for any party in a construction defect case."

Retired California Judge Luis A. Cardenas goes a step further. Because of its practical, step-by-step approach, he has called Construction Defect Litigation "the 'Bible' for community managers needing guidance in construction defect litigation."

Construction Defect Litigation: The Community Association's Guide to the Legal Process. By Ross Feinberg, Esq., and Ron Perl, Esq., ISBN 978-159618-005-5, © 2006, 264 pages, hard bound, $49.95. To learn more or to order a copy, go to Copies can also be ordered by calling CAI toll-free at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET).

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