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CAI Announces Partnership with IClubCentral to Launch Self-Managed Association Software

11/5/2002  -  Alexandria, VA

New Software Will Serve Unmet Needs of Self-Managed Community Associations

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) and ICLUBcentral Inc. (, a leading provider of software programs for trade associations, individual membership societies, and civic, fraternal, and philanthropic organizations and foundations, have entered into an alliance to offer a comprehensive accounting, administration, and content software product for self-managed community associations. Approximately 150,000 self-managed community associations currently exist in the U.S.

CAI Self-Managed Association Software will simplify the process of running a self-managed association by providing a system for a community association treasurer to maintain accounting records, prepare budgets, collect dues, and to stay informed about association resources and best practices. Further, it will enable the association treasurer and community members to share financial information, communicate, and store association records. This software is expected to become available for purchase by CAI members in the coming months.

Thomas M. Skiba, Chief Executive Officer of CAI, noted: "Self-managed community associations make up a majority of associations in the United States, but often lack the resources and information to help them operate harmoniously and effectively. This product is designed to serve small self-managed community associations that may not have the resources to acquire services from professional community management firms or community association software service suppliers. As the leading national association for community associations, we are excited to be taking the lead in making these resources available to meet the needs of these small communities."

"We are delighted to support the CAI in its goal to provide self-managed associations with Self-Managed Association Software," said Robert Brooker, Chief Executive Officer of ICLUBcentral. "We are convinced of the need for this product among CAI members. We look forward to joining CAI in its effort to reach out to more self-managed associations and to introduce them to CAI."


The Community Associations Institute is a nonprofit association created in 1973 to provide education and resources to America's 231,000 community associations - condominium associations, homeowner associations and cooperatives. CAI members include homeowners, associations and the professionals who provide products and services to them.


ICLUBcentral Inc. builds, maintains, and supports software products to address the specialized needs of the membership of trade associations, individual membership societies, and civic, fraternal, and philanthropic organizations and foundations. This effort has been so successful over the past thirteen years that ICLUBcentral now provides accounting and tax software to a majority of investment partnerships in the United States—over 50,000 in all—via ICLUBcentral's software program with the National Association of Investors, a non-profit association dedicated to investor education.

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