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CAI Announces New Business Partner is Largest Provider of Online Delivery Services for HOA Documents and Resale Packages

10/14/2002  -  Alexandria, VA

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has selected CondoCerts as a new business partner effective October 2002. CondoCerts is the nation's largest independent provider of automated online delivery services for homeowner association (HOA) governing documents and critical data used for HOA Questionnaire Letters and Resale Disclosure packages.


CondoCerts, a California-based corporation that focuses solely on online HOA delivery services, has delivered over 100,000 HOA Questionnaire Letters and Resale Disclosure packages and over 4 million pages of documents since its launch at the CAI trade show in Tucson in May 2001, to the benefit of community associations across the country.

CondoCerts compares itself to an express delivery service for association managers (i.e., community association management firms and individual association managers) and those who need the information to complete either a real estate purchase transaction or refinance. Greg Pater, CondoCerts CEO, states, "All parties involved in a real estate transaction benefit from our technology to expedite delivery of data and documents. Association managers are relieved of the cumbersome last minute requests to gather the information, interpret questions, copy mounds of documents and coordinate the delivery of all the information." Pater continues, "Real estate agents, closing agents, lenders and homeowners all save valuable time and effort by obtaining information instantly without the customary calls, faxes, or mailings to the association manager." With CondoCerts, association managers retain full control of project data and documents while enabling 24x7 self-service secured Internet access for requestors. Because CondoCerts charges only the recipient of the HOA Questionnaire Letter or Resale Disclosure a fee, ongoing service to the association is free.

According to Tom Skiba, CAI CEO, "By using CondoCerts, association managers realize significant cost and time savings through improved operational efficiencies. All association managers, regardless of size, can experience productivity gains from using CondoCerts. As a result, profit margins can be enhanced as managers generate the same fee income for the information and documents requested, but do so without the previously incurred costs."

To assure lender acceptability of its uniform HOA Questionnaire Letter, input from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae was a key component in CondoCerts'development process. The resulting quality of the product is evidenced by the fact that CondoCerts has in excess of 6,000 participating lenders, including the top national lenders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Countrywide and Washington Mutual.

CondoCerts is also working with other community association industry leaders, such as Jenark Business Systems and ATG to further enhance product capabilities.

For more information on how you can eliminate the administrative time and burden associated with real estate transactions and improve customer service, contact Manny Chaves, Senior Vice President, CondoCerts at 925-479-0834, or visit

Phone: 703-970-9235