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CAI Announces New Business Partner Specializing in Online Disclosure/Resale Information Services

9/19/2002  -  Alexandria, VA

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has selected Association Information Services, Inc. (AIS) as a new business partner and recognized provider of online software solutions for community association management companies, site-managed associations and volunteer boards of directors.


AIS, headquartered in Virginia with offices in Honolulu and with marketing partners in major community association markets, provides an Internet-based software solution for the timely, accurate and guaranteed production and online distribution of information and documents needed for the sale, resale, financing and refinancing of homes in community associations.

The AIS Program also provides unique insured Guarantees for up to $5,000 for disclosure/resale errors because of unforeseen (1) special/additional assessments, (2) covenant violations, (3) assessment and architectural estoppel problems and (4) errors in the amounts due the association.

Thomas M. Skiba, Chief Executive Officer of CAI, noted: "We look forward to working with AIS in bringing this exciting new technology to the community association industry. The products offered by AIS will greatly enhance the back-office efficiencies of management companies as they respond to requests related to resales, and they will allow boards to significantly enhance their service to homeowner members."

The principals of AIS, headed by Cliff Treese, have a long and sustained background in all phases of community association operations, from development to association management and risk management through legal services and the design of dispute resolution systems. According to Treese: "We were very fortunate to have a group of industry leaders assist in the design of the AIS program."

The facts about the AIS program are that it:

  1. Is a true Web-enabled database and application service program that is under the control, at all times, of the association management company or association board of directors (if self- or site-managed), allowing them to provide the benefits of advanced technology to their clients and homeowners.
  2. Allows different levels of quality control in the online production of information necessary for sales, resales, refinancing and financing of homes in associations.
  3. Was built by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), one of the largest and most widely respected companies providing information technology.
  4. Enhances consumer protection with the unique insured Guarantees.
  5. Ensures convenient ordering and rapid delivery via the Internet.

CAI has selected to work with AIS because the AIS program will ultimately create a usable database of information about community associations which is currently unavailable anywhere and would be invaluable to CAI's members and the industry at large. The aggregate data from such a database will be used to improve the business, governance and community services of community associations.

More information about the AIS program is available from:

Clifford J. Treese at 808-341-9192 (Honolulu, HI).

Phone: 703-970-9235