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Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) - Updated 8/31/21

​​​​The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) was created by the American Rescue Plan Act to help homeowners struggling to make housing payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to mortgage payments, the HAF offers community association homeowners assistance with paying "homeowner's association, condominium association fees, or common charges," which qualify as housing expenses that may be paid from the fund.

This marks the first time the federal government has elevated payment of community association assessment delinquencies to the same level as mortgage delinquencies in emergency housing legislation.

To qualify, homeowners must have incomes that are less than 150% of the area median income and have suffered a financial hardship, such as a job loss or hefty healthcare expenses, after January 21, 2020.

If you feel that you will qualify for the Homeowner Assistance Fund, you can contact:

  • your mortgage loan servicer today to see if you qualify for mortgage forbearance to temporarily suspend your payments or a mortgage modification that could help reduce your monthly payments.
  • your association board if you are having trouble paying your association assessments to see what options are available. Remember to document your interactions as these records may prove helpful in applying for HAF aid.
  • the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau (AFPB) to provide assistance in finding a housing counselor for advice on defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues.

Only states electing to participate in the HAF will receive an allocation to create state HAF programs, which will be administered though the state housing finance agencies. Click here to view the data and methodology used by the Treasury Department to determine HAF state allocations. Please note that the deadline for states to either submit HAF Plans or notify Treasury of the date by which their HAF plan will be submitted was extended to July 31, 2021; most state HAF programs are not expected to start until Fall 2021.

State Housing Financing Agency


​Participating in HAF?

Alabama Housing Finance Authority Yes -  apply online
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation www.ahfc.usYes - under development
Arizona Department of Housing​​Yes ​- drafting plan
Arkansas Development Finance Authority​​Yes - open to public comment
California Housing Finance Agency - expects to begin in the fall.
Colorado Housing Finance Authority www.chfainfo.comYes - drafting plan
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority www.chfa.orgYes - initial pilot round
Delaware State Housing Authority www.destatehousing.comYes - expects to open in August
District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development​​inquire with state agency
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency​​inquire with state agency
Florida Housing Finance Corporation www.floridahousing.orgYes - drafting plan
Georgia Department of Community Affairs/Georgia Housing Finance Authority - draft term sheet submitted
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation - expects to begin in the fall
Idaho Housing and Finance Association​​inquire with state agency
Illinois Housing Development Authority www.ihda.orgYes - expects to begin in the fall.
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority - drafting plan
Iowa Finance Authority www.iowafinanceauthority.govYes - coming soon
Kansas Housing Resources Corporation www.kshousingcorp.orgYes - expects to begin late summer
Kentucky Housing Corporation www.kyhousing.orgYes - drafting plan
Louisiana Housing Corporation - drafting plan
Maine Housing www.mainehousing.orgYes - expects to begin late summer
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development www.dhcd.maryland.govYes,  drafted plan
Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, drafted plan
MassHousing www.masshousing.comYes, drafted plan
Michigan State Housing Development Authority - expects to begin in the fall
Minnesota Housing www.mnhousing.govYes - coming soon
Mississippi Home Corporation​​Yes - apply online now
Missouri Housing Development Commission  www.mhdc.comYes - coming soon
Montana Housing - coming soon
Nebraska Investment Finance Authority​​inquire with state agency
Nevada Housing Division - drafting plan
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority www.nhhfa.orgYes - drafting plan
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency www.njhousing.govYes - expects to begin in the fall
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority www.housingnm.orgYes - applications​ are being accepted
New York City Housing Development Corporation www.nychdc.comYes - review draft plan.
New York State Homes and Community Renewal - review draft plan.
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency www.nchfa.comYes - under development
North Dakota Housing Finance Agency​inquire with state agency
Ohio Housing Finance Agency www.ohiohome.orgYes - pilot program running
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency www.ohfa.orgYes- open for public comment
Oregon Housing and Community Services www.ohcs.oregon.govYes - coming soon
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency​​Yes - coming soon
Rhode Island Housing www.rihousing.comYes - plan drafted
South Carolina State Housing Finance Development Authority​​Yes - drafting plan
South Dakota Housing Development Authority www.sdhda.orgYes - apply today
Tennessee Housing Development Agency www.thda.orgYes - coming soon
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs​​Yes - drafting plan
Utah Housing Corporation​​inquire with state agency
Vermont Housing Finance Agency www.vhfa.orgYes - expects to begin in the fall
Virginia Housing Development Authority www.vhda.comYes - coming soon
Washington State Housing Finance Commission www.wshfc.orgYes - drafting plan
West Virginia Housing Development Fund www.wvhdf.comYes ​- drafting plan
Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority www.wheda.comYes ​- drafting plan
Wyoming Community Development Authority www.wyomingcda.comYes - drafting plan