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Responsible Communities

Thank you for visiting CAI, a nonprofit membership organization with 40,000 members in 64 chapters worldwide—people like you who are building better, more responsible communities. The information linked below can help you preserve the nature and character of your community, protect property values and cultivate a true sense of community. We encourage you to use and share this information.

Responsible communities thrive with time-tested best practices

    From Good to Great—includes:

    Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities
    Community Association Governance Guidelines
    Community Association Fundamentals

Responsible communities are governed by well-informed boards

    Education for community association homeowner leaders
    Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members

Responsible communities are managed by trained professionals

    Education for community association managers
    Professional Manager Code of Ethics
    Professional credentialing for community managers and other professionals

Responsible communities share information with their residents

    An Introduction to Community Association Living
    Information for association boards, homeowners and potential homebuyers

Responsible communities hire trusted service providers

    Professional Services Directory
    Directory of Credentialed Professionals
    CAI Educated Business Partners

Here's more information to help you build and sustain a successful community

    Free downloads
    CAI Press—books and guides with expert advice on association operations

CAI members—homeowner leaders, community managers and service providers—receive a wide range of benefits. Learn more, find a CAI chapter or join today. Questions? E-mail or call (888) 224-4321 (MF, 96 ET).