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Keynote and Concurrent Sessions

​​​​​​Keynote Speakers​

Thursday, May 10 / 10:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

​Leadership in a Distracted World | Cam Marston | President & Owner, Generational Insights

Cam Marston is the leading expert on the impact of generational characteristics and differences on the workplace and the marketplace. As an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer, he imparts a clear understanding of how generational demographics are changing the landscape of business. Join Cam to learn how to lead in today's loud, cluttered, and busy world. Amid the countless attempts made each day by outside influencers to get our attention and distract us from our goals, what must we do to gain the attention and respect of those around us? What must we do to maintain our own focus and our team's focus? Cam explains how our society has formed generations whose communication styles and priorities vary greatly and how leaders must work differently with each group to stay focused on achieving our goals.​

Friday, May 11  /  9–10:30 a.m.

The Global Outlook | Katty Kay | Lead Anchor, BBC World News America

Based in Washington, D.C., Katty Kay covers the full gamut of American and global affairs–reporting on U.S. elections, the White House, Congress, Wall Street, global economies, and world trouble spots. Katty explains how the world we live in is changing at lightning speed—it's a world where many of the fastest growing economies are in Africa; where 300 million micro-bloggers challenge the supremacy of the Chinese state; and where one-third of the population of the Middle East is under thirty. Understanding the competing economic and political trends of this world is essential for any business or organization, anywhere. Drawing on her experiences reporting from five different continents, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, Katty offers insights on where the world is heading and what the future holds.​

Saturday, May 12  /  9–10 a.m.

BONUS General Session: How to Recruit and Retain Volunteers

Finding volunteers, motivating them, directing them, and maintaining their interest in both volunteering and the community can be a challenge for any community association manager. Learn how to understand volunteers, pinpoint what motivates them, and how a community association can thrive by building a platform for future success in volunteer development.
Kathy Gonzales, CMCA, Orange County Regional Chapter, Santa Ana, CA
Steve Swafford, Leadership Outfitters, Inc., Santa Monica, CA

Community Education

Learn about the issues that have the greatest impact on your community, career, and business through education programs that focus on practical solutions to real-world challenges.  Choose from six education tracks and create an agenda to make the most of your conference experience.

Education Tracks

  • Business PracticesExperience a deep portfolio of education that offers simplified solutions that work for you and your business
  • Large-Scale Community Issues - ​Discover how demographics, income dynamics, and consumer behavior all mean big changes for large-scale communities.​
  • Leadership - Explore the complexities of today's executives and learn how you can create a compelling vision and engage others around it.
  • Legal - Review the most important legal decisions affecting community associations in the past year and hear practical methods of dealing with the new case law.
  • Professional Development - Learn the factors that drive organizational success and raise performance in your job, your career, and your company.
  • Public Policy - Hear from top experts on significant regulatory and legislative changes critical to your business and community association.

​Thursday, May 10

8:30–9:20 a.m. 

Part I: How to Get Your Customer to do the Marketing for You | Susie Pecuch, Design the Customer Conversation
Large-Scale Community Issues

Get your customers to do the marketing for you and increase your bottom line. Susie shares a fresh approach and examples from her customer experience strategy work with several of her world-class clients, including: Disney, NIKE and Singapore Airlines; as well as her work with The Big Canoe Property Association. Walk away with seven strategic to ways to create your very own customer marketing team. 

Federal Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Update
Public Policy
Get the latest updates on critical changes to laws and regulations affecting those who govern, live, and work in community associations.
Scott Canady, Tambala Strategy, Alexandria, VA
Ronald L. Perl, Esq. CCAL, Hill Wallack LLP, Princeton, NJ

Building Leadership: Training and Career Development for Community Managers
Featuring training that nurtures leadership, this is an organized program that supplements continuing education using an approach that emphasizes the KASH Box—knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits—that leaders need to acquire for career development. Specific tasks and aspects of each category are presented with the strategies and metrics necessary for maintaining an upward trajectory and higher level of supervisory competence.

Fran McGovern, Esq., McGovern Legal Services, LLC, New Brunswick, NJ
Jennifer Nevins, DW Smith Associates, LLC. Wall Township, NJ
Elaine Warga-Murray, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RMG, Regency Management Group, Inc., Howell, NJ

Managing the Chaos: Effective Tools for Working with Challenging Community Personalities to Reduce Negative Perceptions in Community Associations
Professional Development
Internal struggles between community association residents, board members, and managers can lead to sensational newspaper headlines or coverage on the local news that paint a negative picture of a community. This bad press can potentially impact community perceptions and property values, and ​increasing the level of community acrimony. Join your peers for an open and honest discussion about how to approach these issues and decrease the chances for bad press using real-life examples.
Lesley Millender-Irwin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Crummack Huseby,Lake Forrest, CA
Matt D. Ober, Esq.,CCAL, Richardson Harman Ober PC, Pasadena, CA 

Thursday, May 10
9:30–10:20 a.m.

Part II: How to Get Your Customer to Do the Marketing for You | Susie Pecuch, Design the Customer Conversation
Large-Scale Community Issues
Get your customers to do the marketing for you and increase your bottom line. Susie shares a fresh approach and examples from her customer experience strategy work with several of her world-class clients, including: Disney, NIKE, and Singapore Airlines; as well as her work with The Big Canoe Property Association. Walk away with seven strategic ways to create your very own customer marketing team.
Susie Pecuch, Design the Customer Conversation, Orlando, FL

Ethics and the Art of Professionalism
The most common ethical complaints in the community association industry involve managers who fail to act professionally. This interactive session features case studies from complaints received by CAI (and CAMICB), and introduces interactive discussion about the right and wrong methods to use when interacting with clients and competitors, and how to avoid—and respond to—ethics complaints.
Drew R. Mulhare, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, Realtec Community Services, Williamsburg, VA
Jessica Towles, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Lieberman Management Services, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL

From Manager to Matador: Controlling the Message in the Modern Media Age
Every successful community association manager receives extensive training on how to handle board meetings, but in today's media landscape, managers also must sharpen their management skills for the ever-evolving digital age. Discover management best practices for social media guidelines and how to speak to the press, how to navigate emerging platforms like Nextdoor, and how to approach the rise of citizen journalism.
Javier Delgado, Esq., Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado & Bolen, LLP, Tempe, AZ
Connor Doyle, AMS, PCAM, Sentry Management, Inc., Tempe, AZ

Taking Control of Your Day: Achieving Daily Breakthrough Performance
Professional Development
In the community association business, the daily volume of emails, phone calls, and texts can feel overwhelming and hinder productivity—but it's possible to take control of your day and accomplish more than you think you can. Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques for managers to tackle daily tasks and challenges efficiently, effectively, and professionally.     
Kregg Hale, Sentry Management, Inc., Longwood, FL​
Bradley Pomp, Sentry Management, Inc., Longwood, FL

​​Thursday, May 10
3:15–4:05 p.m.

Ignite: Entertaining Education in a Flash
Business Practices
This popular session gets creative using Ignite—multiple, short presentations in which speakers get five minutes to share personal or professional lessons, tips, and insights. Reflecting the Ignite motto of “Enlighten us, but make it quick," this session features eight unique presentations.

    • Breaking Down the Bids: Asphalt Maintenance
      Connie Lorenz, Asphalt Restoration Technology, Orlando, FL 
    • How Secure Is Your Community Data in the Cloud?
      Ashish Patel, Pilera Software, Nashua, NH 
    • Implementing an Enterprise Sof​tware Solution to Streamline Your Management Process
      Brian Joseph Devost, Lake St. Louis Community Association, Lake Saint Louis, MO 
    • Mobile Technology and How it Impacts Your Community
      Richard D. Robinov, MyResidentLinc, Portland, ME 
    • Technological and Ecological Advances in the Prevention of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)
      John Phelps, III, SOLitude Lake Management, Landenberg, PA 
    • The 15 Best HOA Comics
      Burke Nielsen, Gladly, Logan, UT; and Ben Rollins, Gladly, Logan, UT
    • The Nexus of Water and the Internet-of-Things
      Cindy Anderson, The Detection Group, Palo Alto, CA 
    • Video Surveillance Detection Systems and Keeping Your Community Safe
      Jack Molho, SecureCheck, LLC, Houston, TX

Hot Legal Topics: Presented by the College of Community Association Lawyers
Every manager needs to be aware of the latest, most burning issues in community association law. This session covers legal developments and the actions managers need to take to avoid potential liability.
Brendan P. Bunn, Esq.,CCAL, Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn, PC, Fairfax, VA
Julie McGhee Howard, Esq., CCAL, NowackHoward, LLC, Atlanta, GA

Being a Dynamic Leader: How to Market Yourself and Establish Your Net Worth in Your Community
Large-Scale Community Issues
During this interactive session, you'll earn the importance of networking in today's marketplace, how make yourself a more valuable leader, how to market yourself to your community, and how to determine your net worth in the community association profession.
Julie Adamen, Adamen, Inc., Poulsbo, WA
Sandra Matteson-Pierson, LSM, PCAM, Addison Reserve Property Owners Association, Delray Beach, FL

Beyond Credentials: EQ Is the Key to Personal and Professional Success
​Professional Development
While education and professional development programs are designed to help us to succeed in our fields of endeavor, our level of emotional intelligence—our EQ—is the primary predictor of success and excellence. Learn why business fundamentals and technical details don't always equip us with the tools we need to do our jobs successfully, and how to excel in the real world by studying and learning the value of EQ.
Thomas Willis, AMS, PCAM, Association Bridge, LLC, Damascus, MD
Joseph Clark Wise, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Wise Property Solutions, Johnson City, TN

Friday, May 11
10:40–11:30 a.m.

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning
Business Practices
Disaster preparedness is critical for anyone who works or lives in a community association. Learn how to prepare for any type of natural or man-made home-, building-, or business-related disaster, including active shooter situations. Join your peers for a discussion about disasters involving fire, water, and biological hazards and a special active shooter emergency response demonstration.
Sean McCabe, SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, Perkasie, PA
Mike McGrory, SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, Perkasie, PA

Should I consider Using or Becoming an Expert Witness?
Large-Scale Community Issues
Explores the role—and value—of an expert witness and how community associations and managers can benefit from expert witness assistance during litigation. Get answers to common questions like: What do expert witnesses do in litigation? Should my association consider using one? How do I prepare to defend myself or my association when the other side has hired an expert witness? How can I prepare myself to be an expert witness?

Jeffrey M. Evans, LSM, PCAM, Management Matters, Mountainhome, PA

Staying Ethical in a Competitive World
In the unique world of community associations, challenging ethical situations arise often and determining the appropriate response can be difficult. Featuring a panel of experts who will discuss difficult, complex, and sometimes baffling ethical problems that community association managers face, this session is an interactive discussion that includes debates, common questions, and answers to specific ethical issues using CAI's Professional Manager Code of Ethics as a guide.
Steven Shuey, PCAM, Personalized Property Management Co., Cathedral City, CA
Margaret Wangler, Esq., CCAL, Fiore, Racobs & Powers, Palm Desert, CA

What's New with National Reserve Standards: Panel Discussion of Revised National Standards and Best Practices in Reserve Studies and Management
Business Practices
Led by a panel of industry experts who will review the revised National Reserve Standards adopted in 2017, join your colleagues to participate in a discussion about best practices and trends in reserve studies, reserve funding plans, and reserve practices using information from the Foundation for Community Association Research's Best Practices Report on Reserve Studies and Management.
Robert W. Browning, PCAM, RS, Browning Reserve Group, Carmichael, CA
Mitchell Frumkin, RS, Kipcon, Inc., North Brunswick, NJ
Peter B. Miller, RS, Miller-Dodson Associates, Annapolis, MD

​Friday, May 11
11:40 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Community Associations in Pieces: Case Studies in Cooperation
Professional Development
Successful communities are created when dedicated homeowner leaders, managers, and business partners collaborate.  Using three real-life examples, members from each of CAI's Membership Representation Groups discuss their roles in working cooperatively to solve a difficult community issue. This topic builds on the 2017 annual conference session Professionalism for the Industry that explored how best to serve our communities together.
Moderated by Ursula K. Burgess, Esq., Rees Broome, PC, Tysons Corner, VA
Panel members include leaders from each membership type: Homeowner, Manager, and Business Partner.
Janet L. Newcomb, Huntington Beach, CA and Ms. Judith Silva, Sacramento, CA
Pamela D. Bailey, CMCA, AMS, PCAM and Ms. Jessica Towles, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Lieberman Management Services Inc.
Cyndi Koester, SwedelsonGottlieb, Los Angeles, CA and Mr. Peter Miller, RS, Miller-Dodson Associates, Annapolis, MD

State Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Update
Public Policy
With 48 states in session this year, CAI tracked nearly 1,000 pieces of legislation impacting community associations. Learn about trends throughout the U.S. involving short-term rentals, construction defects, resale disclosure, board member authority, freedom of speech vs. property rights, manager licensing, and more.
Dawn Bauman, CAE, Community Associations Institute, Falls Church, VA
T. Peter Kristian, CMCA, LSM, PCAM, Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association, Inc., Hilton Head Island, SC

The Cultivation of Agri-Communities: Making the Business Work and Producing a Remarkable Lifestyle
Large-Scale Community Issues
Businesses and store fronts within community associations are common, but farms, cattle ranches, and conservancies are new, up-and-coming options. Many communities are incorporating agri-business—farm-to-table living in a cooperative environment—and it's changing lifestyle as we know it. In this session, large-scale managers share examples, ideas, and approaches to the business and lifestyle of enjoying farms, ranching, and conservancies within their communities.
James H. Dodson, IV, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, Ewa by Gentry Community Association, Ewa Beach, HI
Rebecca Lyons, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Willowsford Homeowners Association, Aldie, VA

Techno-Dilemmas: How Community Associations Can Manage Risks Associated with Technology Use and Abuse
Business Practices
This session is an interactive panel discussion led by industry experts with unique perspectives on the benefits and risks of using technology in community association activity. Join your peers to preview findings from the Foundation for Community Association Research's survey on technology and data security and learn about known and unknown risks arising from increased reliance on technology and social media.
Kevin Davis, CIRMS, Kevin Davis Insurance Services, Los Angeles, CA
Mike Hardy, TOPS Software, Clearwater, FL
Joel W. Meskin, Esq., CCAL, CIRMS, McGowan Program Administrators, Fairview Park, OH​

Friday, May 11
2:30–3:30 p.m.

TED Talks: Communications
Professional Development

Dealing with Difficult People: Communication Strategies for Dealing with Residents and Vendors Effectively
​How effectively do we communicate with one another, our team, board members, and business partners? Effective communication is paramount and necessary in our day-to-day activities both in the workplace and in our communities. This session explores relevant and practical concepts, methodologies, and best practices to diffuse disputes, negotiate, and develop and enhance interpersonal relationships with others competently.
Jill Kalter, Resolve Mediation, Inc., Tequesta, FL

​Four Fantastic Leadership Laws for Managers from “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John C. Maxwell
No matter what level of community association you manage, leadership skills are required for success. This session explains Maxwell's 21 leadership laws and how each one can be a beneficial tool in your personal tool box. Not only do the laws elevate your leadership to the next level, but by mastering them you can add significant value to those around you. Learn to grow yourself and others, highlight existing personal strengths, and identify areas for improvement and development.
Deb Bell, PowerHouse Executives, Inc., Parrish, FL​

Leadership Lessons I Learned from My Children
Using humor and valuable life lessons, this refreshing session for managers and human resource professionals applies wisdom gained from raising three small children to successful leadership habits within the community association industry. Hear about the challenges that come with managing people, common missteps that managers make, and ideas for better leadership through the lens of a human resource professional.
Marlin Smith, Mandrake HR Consulting, Charlotte, NC​

International Perspective:  Innovations in Community Management
Business Practices
The community association housing model continues to expand and, as more residents choose to live in community associations, the demographic continues to change also. Join your peers to learn how community association professionals form around the world access information and communicate in their countries to meet the changing needs and dynamics of community association residents. 
Moderated by Dawn Bauman, CAE, Community Associations Institute, Falls Church, VA
Pepe Gutierrez, Megafincas, El Campello, Alicante, Spain

When Natural Disaster Strikes! Lessons from the Devastation of Hurricane Matthew
Public Policy/Large-Scale Community Issues
Explore the profound impact of natural disasters on communities with an emphasis on those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Learn strategies for preparing an emergency plan in advance by partnering with your municipality for FEMA aid, securing emergency funds, and organizing a team of professionals who are mobilized to act immediately after the storm, and hear about CAI's recent success on the federal level to advocate FEMA support for communities everywhere.       
Moderated by Jennifer A. Loheac, Esq.*, Lazega & Johanson, LLC, Atlanta, GA
T. Peter Kristian, CMCA, LSM, PCAM, Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association, Inc., Hilton Head Island, SC
Lewis Chip Munday, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Indigo Run Community Owners Association, Hilton Head Island, SC
J. David Ramsey, Esq., CCAL, Becker & Poliakoff, P.A., Morristown, NJ

Developing Community Leaders
Today's community associations need more than management services—they need skillful leaders adept at handling change at every turn. In this panel discussion, you'll learn the most beneficial leadership qualities and skills necessary for successful community managers who can navigate complex association issues and how to provide the best support for your communities and residents.
Gregory G. Smith, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Associa, Lodi, CA
Debra A. Warren, CMCA, PCAM, Associa, San Raphael, CA

​Friday, May 11
3:45–4:45 p.m.

TED Talk: Good Ideas
Professional Development

​An Excellent Journey: Navigating Balanced Decision Making
Janet Ulrich, HOA Organizers, Inc., Van Nuys, CA

​Woods Landing: Ghost Town to Gold-Star Community
George Greatrex, Esq., Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ
Dr. Robert Kahrmann, Horizons At Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ
Paul Raetsch, Mays Landing, NJ

Hiring Strategies
Jason Shupp, Ferguson Roofing, Saint Louis, MO

Do We Have to Solve EVERY Neighbor Conflict? Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Housing Harassment in 2018
Public Policy
In 2016, HUD's guidance on quid pro quo and hostile housing harassment in community associations required a paradigm shift in how community associations deal with neighbor-to-neighbor disputes. This session explores why community associations must now take a more active, integral approach to neighbor-to-neighbor disputes and how to remedy conflict within communities.
Scott B. Carpenter, Esq.*, Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado & Bolen, LLP, Tempe, AZ

Stayin' Alive: Keepin' it Real
Today's fast-paced, technological world presents many challenges for community association management and governance. This session explores the downside to technology, particularly how the expansion of digital platforms for sharing negative thoughts or opinions can negatively impact community associations. Learn how technological advances can affect managers' career longevity, the number of community residents who want to serve on an association board, and liability for both managers and board members.
Douglas J. Henken, CIRMS, Community Association Underwriters of America, Chantilly, VA
Susan C. Manch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, FirstService Residential, Fredericksburg, VA
Edward J. O'Connell, Esq., Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP, Falls Church, VA

How to Prevail with a Polarizing President 
A polarizing association president can lead a community effectively, but also can cause divisions within the association board and its members, resulting in long and ineffective meetings, staff turnover, and wasted time and finances. Learn how experienced association managers can cope with an overzealous leader through interactive role play. Discussion topics include the positions of managers and outside counsel and options for harnessing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.   
Vicki Eileen Eaton, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Worman's Mill Community Conservancy, Frederick, MD
Ruth O. Katz, Esq., Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered, Bethesda, MD
Jeremy M. Tucker, Esq., Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered, Bethesda, MD
Aimee Brooke Winegar, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, Community Association Services, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

​Saturday, May 12
9–10 a.m.

BONUS General Session: How to Recruit and Retain Volunteers 

Finding volunteers, motivating them, directing them, and maintaining their interest in both volunteering and the community can be a challenge for any community association manager. Learn how to understand volunteers, pinpoint what motivates them, and how a community association can thrive by building a platfor​m for future success in volunteer development.
Kathy Gonzales, CMCA, Orange County Regional Chapter, Santa Ana, CA
Steve Swafford, Leadership Outfitters, Inc., Santa Monica, CA