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September 11-14, 2024 in Montgomery/Frederick Counties, Maryland! For more information or to register go to: Registration 2024 Large-Scale Managers Workshop

CAI's Large-Scale Managers Committee hosts an annual workshop exclusively for community managers specializing in large-scale communities. The workshop is hosted by at least one large-scale community and participants spend three days touring properties and attending in​novative education sessions specifically designed for the large-scale community manager. Large-scale managers gather to share their best ideas and practices, garner new information at specialized educational sessions and hands on tours at diverse communities. Tours will showcase community best practices, as well as the culture of the local area.

2025 Workshop is Las Vegas, Nevada! Dates and details coming soon!



Large -Scale Managers Online CommunitY exchange.JPG

Are you a large-scale manager looking to network and gain insight from other members like you? CAI presents the Large-Scale Managers Community on the Exchange, a private community where large-scale managers can share ideas, problems, solutions, news, and other information pertinent to you and your colleagues.

Am I a large-scale manager?

Large-scale managers oversee communities that are defined as a community providing municipal type services with a minimum of 1000 units or minimum of 1000 acres and a minimum of $2 million operating budget.


The large-scale managers online community is for large-scale community managers that work in day to day operations for large-scale communities. A large-scale community is defined as a community providing municipal type services with a minimum of 1,000 units or minimum of 1,000 acres and a minimum of $2 million operating budget.

*If you are already a member of the online community (formerly known as the hoapoa Yahoo! Group) you may go here and log in with your CAI designated email and password.



LSAssnSurveyResultsCov440w.jpgLarge-scale associations (LSAs) continue to provide extraordinary services—typically considered municipal duties such as recreation, stormwater management, roadway maintenance, and neighborhood security—to homeowners according to the Large-Scale Association Survey, a report released by the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR).

 >>Access the Large-Scale Association here