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In Nevada, professional community association manager regulations are overseen by the Commission for Common-Interest Communities (Commission). Nevada law prohibits a person from acting as a community association manager without certification.

A community manager is defined as a person who provides for or otherwise engages in the physical, administrative or financial maintenance and management of a common-interest community, or the supervision of those activities, for a fee, commission or other valuable consideration.

Initial Education Requirements

Applicants seeking certification as a community association manager must meet and successfully complete at least 60 hours of instruction in courses in the management of a common-interest community that has been approved by the Commission.

Click here for the required prelicensure education topics.

Both community association management and Nevada-specific law comprise the education requirements for the certificate, and CAI's Essentials of Community Association Management M100 course is one way to meet the required community association management education requirement.

Experience Requirements

Applicants seeking certification must be 18 years of age; applicants must have engaged in the management of a common-interest community or has held a management position in a related area for at least 12 months preceding the date of application, or at least two of the four years preceding the date of application.

Examination Requirements

Applicants must pass the state-approved examination with a minimum score of 75. The fee for the examination is $100. Individuals must apply as a community manager within one year of passing the examination, or he or she will have to retake the examination.

Click here for more information on the approved test provider.

Application Requirements

Applicants seeking certification as a community association manager must submit the following:

  • Community Manager Application;
  • Two fingerprint cards completed at an authorized law enforcement facility;
  • Proof of experience;
  • Certificates from the courses attended;
  • Original certificate of passing the state examination; and
  • Application fee of $300.

Click here for more information on the fingerprint and background investigation.

Insurance Requirements

Managers or employers of managers must maintain insurance covering liability for errors or omissions, professional liability or a surety bond to compensate for losses in an amount of $1 million or more. The insurance and amount must be disclosed in management agreements. Which contracting party will hold fidelity insurance and whether the association will maintain directors and officers liability coverage for the board of directors must also be disclosed in management agreements.

Renewal Requirements

The Community Manager Certificate is valid for a two-year period. Renewal notices are sent approximately six weeks prior to certificate expiration. The renewal must be accomplished within the 30 days prior to certificate expiration. The renewal fee is $200.

Renewal requires completing at least 18 hours of community manager designated continuing education within the 2-year certificate period.

CAI endorses the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) credential administered by the Community Association Managers' International Certification Board (CAMICB). If a CMCA has held an active Nevada Community Association Manager License for at least one year this will automatically satisfy the state, continuing education requirement.

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