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November 2018 CAI@Home


Welcome to the November 2018 issue of CAI’s e-newsletter created just for you! Read the full articles below. 



Holiday engagement

​Make everyone jolly this season. 

The holidays are just around the corner, and for many people, that means lots of festivities with friends and loved ones. Here are a few key items that are particularly important during the holiday season.

01CAIAtHome_Holidays.jpgOutdoor decorations: Before you scurry up that ladder to hang the decorative lights, take a quick peek at your community's CC&Rs to find out the guidelines for outdoor decorations, as well as the guidelines for flags and signs. This will help make sure your outdoor winter wonderland isn't an association violation.

Parties: If you're hosting a large get-together or party, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, keep the revelry and noise to a minimum, and wind the party down at a reasonable time—you don't want your celebrating to interfere with your neighbors' attempts to get visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Check your CC&Rs to find out what the association deems acceptable noise levels and what the quiet hours are, as well as guidelines for hosting parties.

Parking: The holidays bring many people together, and that means extra cars will need to be parked. To make sure your guests are covered, look at the CC&Rs to find out the rules on visitor parking in the community, including where they can park and what kind of parking passes they may need.

Overnight guests: It wouldn't be the holidays without everyone all under one roof. Of course, depending on how long your overnight guests are staying, you may need to let the association know. The CC&Rs will give you a breakdown on the rules for both short-term and long-term guests, so take a look at them before you break out the air mattress. 

Following the association's rules and regulations helps ensure that everyone can enjoy this special time of year together. CAI hopes that you stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!​


the box stops here

As consumers embrace online retail shopping this season, so must community managers dealing with the sharp increase in package deliveries.​

02CAIAtHome_BoxStopsHere.jpgAccording to Amazon, the delivery giant shipped more than 5 billion items through its Prime program, last year alone. It’s probably no surprise that many of those packages were delivered to community association residents. For owners and renters in  high-rise communities, their packages usually only make it as far as the front desk. Then it becomes the community manager’s responsibility. 


High-rise managers expect more deliveries than usual during certain seasons—like this upcoming one. Some communities even hire temporary workers to help with receiving and dispersing the extra packages during such holidays. But the recent spike in deliveries to high-rise communities at other times of the year is putting a lot of strain on managers and their staff, who take a couple of hours each day just to sort and disperse packages. ​

Finding space to house the increased number of deliveries is another challenge high-rise communities are facing. Some have increased storage just to accommodate the Amazon deliveries. Because of the rapid growth of the retail delivery market, managers need to continually adapt. Below are some tips to handle packaging. 

This article was originally featured in the July/August 2017 issue of Community Manager. Access the publication and other articles written specifically for community managers here. 




Bring 2018 to a successful close with these career tips. 

03CAIAtHome_Goals.jpgIvy Exec points out these fast five tips on how managers, management executives, and business partners can close 2018 out with success through upcoming year-end performance reviews. They include:

  1. Evaluate yourself honestly

  2. Quantify your value and contributions

  3. Review your original role and describe how you've mastered it

  4. Turn feedback as fuel for 2019 goals

  5. Approach this meeting like it's your first interview all over again

>>Access the full article here. ​



Talk the talk with these industry terms. 

Check out our glossary of industry terms below so that you're ready for any acronym thrown your way.


Types of communities


Community leadership, governance and operations


General CAI terms


Designations, Certifications, and Accreditations
CA: Community Association ARC: Architectural Review Committee CAI: Community Associations Institute AAMC: Accredited Association Management Company
CID: Common-Interest Development BOD: Board of Directors CAMICB: Community Association Manager International Certification Board AMS: Association Management Specialist
Co-op: Cooperative BOT: Board of Trustees FCAR: Foundation for Community Association Research CIRMS: Community Insurance & Risk Management Specialist
Condo: Condominium CC&Rs: Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions CCAL: College of Community Association Lawyers

CMCA: Certified Manager of Community Associations


HOA: Homeowners Association D&O: Directors & Officers liability insurance LAC: Legislative Action Committee LSM: Large-Scale Manager
PD: Planned Development E&O: Errors & Omissions insurance PMDP: Professional Management Development Program PCAM: Professional Community Association Manager
POA: Property Owners Association RFP: Request for Proposal   RS: Reserve Specialist
PUD: Planned Unit Development SOP: Standard Operating Procedures    
TOA: Townhouse Owners Association      ​

Whatever the acronym, all community associations—CA, condo, HOA, POA, TOA, etc.—share a few essential goals: preserving the nature and character of the community, providing services and amenities to residents, protecting property values, and meeting the established expectations of owners.​

This article was originally featured in our CAI Ungated blog. Subscribe today to get even more news and insights on community association delivered to your mailbox here. ​


your new resource for developing future organizational talent

​Practical tips and solutions for hiring successful interns is here.

05CAIAtHome_Interns.jpgWhat does industry growth mean to you and your business? We must recognize that as the industry expands, we see the value and importance of bringing new professionals into the fold and a good place to start is by developing an internship program for your business. CAI believes one of the more significant advantages to providing internships is the opportunity to select and develop your organization's future talent.

That's why we've launched an all-new internship guide, designed to empower your business to source new talent that you can groom to grow within your organization.

>>Access the Internship Guide here.

As the community association housing model continues its upward trend, more professionals are recognizing the industry as a fast-growing employment opportunity with tremendous growth and career longevity. According to the Foundation for Community Association Research, there are nearly 344,500 community associations and more than 55,000 community managers; more than 100,000 people work in as many as 8,000 management companies. ​

These figures do not include the growing number of management companies, managers, and support staff in other parts of the world. The momentum of developing communities will continue. And as common-interest community living becomes more widespread—and the number of retiring industry leaders also grows—the need for qualified, well-trained managers also will increase.




​Achieving your desired business results begins with CAI.

We understand your work and challenges and want you to stay at the top of your game now and in the new year. The 2019 CAI Education Catalog will help you begin planning which classrom courses and webinars you want to attend. 

06CAIAtHome_EduCatalog.jpgWHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:

      • Education for Homeowner Leaders
      • Education & Credentials for Business Partners
      • Education for Managers
      • CAI's Professional Management and Development courses (a complete listing of classroom courses offered nationally and internationally!)
      • Credentials for Managers
      • Webinars
      • Registration information and form
      • Schedules and 2019 events (including our Annual Conference, which you can already register for here!)​

>>Access the 2019 CAI Education Catalog here.____________________________________________________________

UPCOMING webinar

Wired: Cybersecurity for Community Associations
Wed., Dec. 5
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Are you part of the 56 percent of community associations with current measures in place to safeguard your community's financial information? Join a live discussion about data findings from the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR) on the challenges facing communities worldwide and solutions to combat cybersecurity risk where you live.
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Community Association Law Seminar
Jan. 23-26, The Roosevelt New Orleans, New Orleans, La. 

This unique opportunity to discuss emerging trends and legislative issues important to the practice of community association law is presented annually by CAI's College of Community Association Lawyers.
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