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Professional Misconduct - Revoked Designations

The Designation Ethics Committee investigates allegations of misconduct by designation holders and applicants. The committee reviews the allegations and, if necessary, recommends to the Board of Trustees sanctions against a designee or applicant. The board votes whether to adopt the recommendations of the committee. The following individuals were recommended and sanctioned with revocation of the designation(s) for violating the Professional Code of Ethics.

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NameDesignation(s) Revoked​State​Year
Carol Armstrong​​PCAMNH​​2005
John Raines​​PCAMTX​​2006
Nicole Hughes​​AMSNJ​​2007
​Susan Garret​AMSTX​​2007
Ceclia Guitierrez​​AMS, PCAMCA​​2009
Mark Carstensen​​AMS, PCAMTX​​2009
Jose Ponton​​AMS, PCAMFL​​2010
Jason Blackman​​AMS, LSM, PCAM​TX​2010
Tracy Reed​​AMS​OH​2011
Linda Dodson​​AMS​NC​2011
Denise Keser​​AMS, PCAM​NV​2012
Gina Combs​​AMS, PCAM​VA​2012
Donald Yowell​​AMS, PCAM​CO​2016
Glenn Dorsey​​AMS, PCAM​FL​2016
Raymond Gonzalez​​AMS​NJ​2016
Julie Salinas​​AMS​CO​2017
Cynthia Wall​​AMS, PCAM​CA​2017

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