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Professional Misconduct - Revoked Designations

​​​The Designation Ethics Committee investigates allegations of misconduct by designation holders and applicants. The committee reviews the allegations and, if necessary, recommends to the CAI Board of Trustees sanctions against a designee or applicant. The Board votes whether to adopt the recommendations of the committee. The following individuals were sanctioned with revocation of the designation(s) for violating a Professional Code of Ethics.

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NameDesignation(s) RevokedSection(s) of Code

​State ​Year
Carol Armstrong​​PCAM
John Raines​​PCAM3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11​TX​
Nicole Hughes​​AMS3, 5, 10​NJ​​2007
​Susan Garret​AMS3, 10, 13​TX​​2007
Ceclia Guitierrez​​AMS, PCAM1, 3, 13​CA​​2009
Mark Carstensen​​AMS, PCAMFelony​TX​​2009
​Jason Blackman​
​AMS, LSM, PCAM1, 3, 10, 13​​TX​2010
Tracy Reed​​AMSFelony​​OH​2011
Linda Dodson​​AMS3, 5, 10, 13​​NC​2011
Denise Keser​​AMS, PCAMFelony​​NV​2012​
Gina Combs​​AMS, PCAMFelony​​VA​2012
Donald Yowell​​AMS, PCAMFailure to redesignate and comply with terms of sanction. ​​CO​2016
Glenn Dorsey​​AMS, PCAM Failure to redesignate and comply with terms of sanction. ​​​FL​2016
Raymond Gonzalez​​AMSFelony​​NJ​2016
Julie Salinas​​AMSState license revoked, Felony​​CO​2017
Cynthia W​all​ ​AMS, PCAM 3, 4, 10, 13 ​CA ​2017​
​Ceasar ​Larrach

Robert Walsh


Jose Ponton





Timothy Arel​AMS, PCAM​1 and 3​NH​2020
​Kimberly Wood​ ​AMS, PCAM ​1,3,5,10,12, and 13 ​FL ​20​​20