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M-300: Ethics and the Community Manager

​​​Learn how to become a more ethical and professional community manager.
This interactive, online course discusses the nature of ethics and how it applies to community management. Registrants will learn to apply CAI’s Professional Manager Code of Ethics, examine the fundamental ethical responsibilities of a professional manager, resolve potential conflicts of interest, identify the appropriate response to the potential receipt of gifts and other remuneration and accurately identify situations where disclosure is necessary. Topics include:

  • Codes of ethics
  • Duty of care and duty of loyalty
  • Common ethical challenges faced by community managers
  • Consequences of unethical behavior
  • Ethical relationships with fellow managers, including competitors

Course Length

Four to six hours to complete the course plus four hours of study via reading assignments and webinars. Students have 4 months—120 days from purchase date—to complete the course and take the 60-minute exam to receive credit.

Course Materials

All materials are included in digital format within the course.


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